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Golden Joystick Awards 2010

MSN One to Watch contenders line up.

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14th October 2010 - Some of the videogame world’s most anticipated new games are battling it out in a head to head race to claim the coveted MSN One To Watch award in the 2010 Golden Joystick Awards.

Since its launch in 1982 the Golden Joystick Awards has always celebrated the best in new gaming and the MSN One to Watch category is one of the categories most prized by the world’s leading video games publishers and developers.

2010’s MSN One to Watch category is fiercely competitive, featuring sure-fire hits such as Codemasters’ brand new ‘ F1 2010’ racing game going up against the likes of established stars like ‘ Super Mario Galaxy 2’ and ‘ Halo: Reach’ – also recently released.

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ will be hoping to continue its predecessor’s spectacular success in 2009 when ‘ Fallout 3’ scooped the Ultimate Game of The Year, but ‘ Call of Duty: Black Ops’ is also on the hunt to win the MSN One to Watch category - challenging for an unprecedented Joysticks hat-trick for Activision’s epic series.

Microsoft’s ‘ Gears of War 3’ and ‘ Fable III’ are also strong contenders, but first-person shooters like EA’s ‘ Crysis 2’ or Bethesda’s other nomination ‘ Brink’ may surprise gamers with their amazing visuals and powerful game play.

The final result may be influenced by the mass voting of ‘ Star Wars’ and ‘ Final Fantasy’ fans from around the world, salivating at the prospect of imminent new instalments of their favourite titles.

Over 1.1 million votes have already been cast in this year’s competition and with just twelve days until voting closes, the fiercely competitive MSN One to Watch category is wide open and the competition for voting looks set to go right to the wire.

So here they are, video gaming’s forthcoming ‘crème the la crème’, the list of nominees for the MSN One to Watch category at the 2010 Golden Joystick Awards:

·      Brink

·      Call of Duty: Black Ops

·      Crysis 2

·      Dead Space 2

·      F1 2010*

·      Fable III

·      Fallout: New Vegas

·      Final Fantasy XIV Online

·      Gears Of War 3

·      Halo: Reach*

·      Mafia II*

·      Medal of Honor

·      Star Wars: The Old Republic

·      Super Mario Galaxy 2*

·      The Legend of Zelda Wii

To view the MSN One to Watch category nominees video visit:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5clONhm6hw

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The categories in the Golden Joystick Awards are voted for by the only people who matter – the gamers themselves. Known as the ‘people’s gaming awards’ it is also held in high esteem in the global video games industry with nearly 1,000 executives attending the glittering ceremony, which will this year be held at London’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel on 29th October 2010.

The ever-growing Golden Joystick Awards has been the ultimate accolade in gaming since 1982 and is now recognised as the biggest and most popular gaming awards on the planet.

To vote - visit http://www.goldenjoystick.com today and make your vote count!

* unreleased at time of shortlist compilation


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