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Gods War Online

Entrance to Atlantis "instance" makes debut.

Legends speak of a mystical sunken kingdom, where lurking behind every corner and crevasse is either danger or treasure, and more often than not, both! GodsWar Online is excited to offer players the chance to visit this city, in their new instance – Entrance to Atlantis.

Background Story

Legends say that Poseidon married a maid on the island, and that she gave birth to 5 sets of twins. Atlas, who was Poseidon's first born, was appointed king over his brothers, who in turn ruled the other 10 regions of the island. As the leader of this new land, Atlas named the kingdom after himself, giving it the name Atlantis.

Requirements to Enter

Teams of 1 - 3 players, Level 90+


1. Every player will receive 2 free admissions per day to the instance. Each time, players will have 40 minutes to get as far into this dangerous place as they can, before they are automatically teleported back to the main city.

2. Waves of monsters will charge your team, and your goal is to eliminate as many of them as possible within the time period. The more you kill, the better the rewards.

3. We highly recommend players bring capturing tools into this instance, because the Mermen often carry EXP Stones with them.

4. If a player is killed while facing the challenge, they will be revived at the spawn point. From there, players can continue the challenge.

For more detailed guides and amazing screenshots about this instance, please visit the official site at http://gw.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=172

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