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Gods vs Humans

Cheeky God battling humans

Zallag and Artefact Studios are presenting a teaser showing those who dared challenge the Gods! Also, here are a few information about the gameplay of the strategy game Gods vs Humans coming soon to WiiWare™.

The player will embody the greatest Gods from 4 different mythologies (Norse, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese) with a simple goal in mind: stop humans from reaching them. Indeed, humans decided to build a tower to challenge their Gods face to face. It’s up to the player to stop them by using his/her many powers. Beware however, it’s important not to hurt them, as Gods will always need humans to believe in them!

No less than 16 Gods and 80 levels awaits the player in Gods vs Humans !

Being Zeus, Odin, Osiris and even Amaterasu the player will evolve and use various powers. Different depending on the Gods and on the mythologies, these powers will help the player to slowly destroy the tower’s floors. For the tower to finally collapse, it’s important to target strategic parts of the tower with lightning, fire and tornadoes for example. Other powers like the “pinup girl” will slow down the construction as all the humans will stop working to watch the beautiful girl passing by.

Each human has his own job (carrier, builder, supervisor, good priest, bad priest etc.) and the player has to use the powers strategically in order to be as effective as possible. The human’s mood gauge is also something to be careful about. If the player keeps targeting the same characters they’ll eventually get angry at their God and will work much faster!

God , they are cheeky !

The next announcement will present you with the very first pages of the comic-book based on the same universe as Gods vs Humans!

Genre: Strategy

Platform: WiiWareTM

Number of players: 1-2

Publisher: Zallag

Developer: Artefact Studio

Release date: TBA

Press contact: Olivier Vermeille - overmeille@zallag.com


Publishing video games and comics

www.zallag.com (under construction)

Present on Facebook and on Twitter

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company specialized in

publishing-distribution-promotion of entertainment content digitally distributed only.

Three games are currently under development. Zallag is interested in all current platforms (WiiWareTM, Nintendo DSiWareTM, XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, PC) and

also publishes comic books to enrich their game’s universe.



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