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Gobliiins 4

Introducing Stucco the strongman Gobliiin.

Worms / Bracknell, 17th March 2009

Following the success of its predecessors, Gobliiins 4 continues the hilarious story of the three wacky characters Tchoup, Perlius and Stucco. Typically for goblins, they are not especially bright, and each is capable of one - and only one - type of behaviour. It's up to the player to combine their unique skills in creative ways in order to progress through the game.

An introduction to Stucco!

Stucco is often called Baby Stoo-stoo by his dear old grandmother (who just happens to be a caber tossing champion), but please bear in mind that Stucco doesn’t really like being called that by people other than his close friends. His previous employers include a circus, a brothel and the Royal Navy, but his habit of eating much and working little always cost him his employment. Stucco is very stuck in his ways: he enjoys tomatoes, dislikes jelly and loves exercise. Why, you ask? Because of his loveable personality, of course!

Stucco is, well, strong. Not too smart, quite the opposite, in fact, but he doesn’t complain. Being able to hit stuff – and hit it hard – more than makes up for what he lacks in the thinking department. Stucco is the only goblin who can do heavy lifting, and he is strong enough to climb plant stems and hanging ropes.

Gobliiins 4 will be released on 27th March 2009 for a recommended retail price of £19.99.

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About Gobliiins 4

Characters & universe originally created by Muriel Tramis and Pierre Gilhodes. Gobliiins 4 designed by Pierre Gilhodes, developed by Société Pollene. © by Société Pollene & Snowberry Connection LRM Inc. Original Music: Didier Sallustro. All rights reserved. To find more about Gobliiins and its creators, visit official websites at www.goblins4.com and www.goblins4.ru.

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