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GMX release new Will of Steel movies!

LONDON, UK (December 7, 2004) - GMX Media is today announcing the release of 3 new gameplay movies of the revolutionary voice-controlled military RTS game - Will of Steel. The new movies showcase a variety of gameplay from the levels set in Iraq. Will of Steel is set for release at the end of February 2005.


Allied forces attempt to take control of a fiercely guarded enemy stronghold in a hidden desert location. The attack comprises two combat groups moving simultaneously towards the enemy location at rapid speeds. M1 Abrams tanks are the backbone of the allied assault, and air superiority is demonstrated by Cayuse combat helicopters bombarding the enemy from above.


A night mission takes a turn for the worse when Allied forces are ambushed by a mechanized enemy division. Individual control over infantry units is demonstrated when a lone engineer disables an enemy mine, and then proceeds to destroy a long range launcher with a remote controlled explosive.


A full scale battle erupts when forces collide on an open road in the Iraq desert. Coming under heavy fire, allied forces seek to even the playing field by calling in Air Strikes to deal with heavy artillery and overwhelming infantry numbers.


Will of Steel is a modern warfare tactical 3D Real Time Strategy game. As a young Marine officer, William Steel is the son of the highly decorated USMC General Thomas Steel. Players must assume command and responsibility of the battalion at his control and defeat your opposing in forces in hostile locations around the globe.

At the players disposal will be infantry, battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, recon units and many other types of military hardware. The player must make wise military choices and decide how to adjust his/her actions to counteract the strategy employed by the enemy forces in Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003. Through the use of dynamic lighting, missions unfold from dawn to dusk with a number of climate conditions, such as rain and fog, that may help or hinder your battle progress.

Throughout the game, the player also strives to improve his/her career. By winning medals and being promoted, various special options are revealed that he/she can use in battle. Special options include:

  • Air transport
  • Artillery support
  • Air strike
  • Satellite reconnaissance
  • Long range missile attack
  • Reinforcement
  • Special operations team


In Will of Steel, the player has full control of all assigned units, camera, and special options such as: Air Attack, Transport, Special Teams etc, through the use of vocal commands. The player can order unit movements, choose tactics, groups units, and can even choose the types of weapons and stances that the units take. These possibilities will allow the more skilled players to play the game and lead their troops exactly the way they desire while the less skilled players will also be able to manage units while using simpler commands and options.

It is also possible to play the game almost entirely by voice commands alone. The mouse pad can be used to select units and groups of units, to point to the places where commands should be executed, and to select options from one of the menus. Keyboard allows for a quick and convenient way (shortcut) for various commands to be executed.

Special focus is given to voice control because it has never been used in RTS games before. Voice control should help the player to control his/her units much more easily and effectively than by just using the keyboard and mouse pad. Besides that, voice control has the purpose of simulating natural verbal communication between officers and their units. This will add to the realism and will make the player feel as if he was a real-life military commander.

Release Date: February 2005

More information at: http://www.gmxmedia.net/willofsteel

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