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@Global Games

New online gaming platform for South East Asian players, launching with Requiem: Alive.

3 February 2010, Singapore – Asiasoft Group of Publishing Companies (“Asiasoft”) today announces the launch of @Global Games, a new and exciting gaming platform that will serve up specially localized games just for South East Asian players.

For the first time, gamers from South East Asia will be able to play and compete with each other within one unified game server, without the restrictions of IP blocks or the lack of game support.

To helm the launch of @Global Games, Asiasoft has chosen Requiem: Alive ( http://requiem.aglobalsea.com/), the Southeast Asian version of the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”) Requiem: Bloodymare and Memento, developed by Gravity Co., Ltd in Korea.

Based on the overwhelming success of Requiem: Bloodymare and Memento Mori in North America and Russia, Asiasoft is confident that Requiem: Alive will resound just as tremendously with South East Asian gamers through the hugely accessible @Global Games platform.

“We are pleased to launch the @Global Games platform, to give our players the opportunity to make contact across geographical borders and to get a true taste of the different cultures that make up South East Asia,” said Gerry Ung, Managing Director of Asiasoft. “We are also honored to be collaborating with Gravity Co to launch Requiem: Alive as @Global Games flagship game title. As one of Korea’s biggest game developers, Gravity Co has long prided itself in producing state-of-the-art online games and we look forward to bringing South East Asian gamers the very same benchmark of quality titles with @Global Games.”

@Global in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will now merge into @Global Games, marking a milestone at the beginning of 2010 for Asiasoft. The objective of @Global Games in 2010 is to build a strong community of gamers across South East Asia, regardless of race or culture.

@Global Games will also set the stage for Asiasoft’s regional business partners to strategically cater and reach out to customers in South East Asia, through @Global Games games.

“The launch of @Global Games will strengthen the professional relationships with other businesses in South East Asia, “said Ng Kok Khwang, Marketing Director of Asiasoft. “Technology has transformed our workplace into a global one, and @Global Games is the perfect platform for us to connect with regional business partners, to better meet the needs of our South East Asian customers.”

Requiem: Alive will commence Closed Beta Testing from 3rd to 10th February 2010. For more information on @Global Games, please visit http://www.aglobalsea.com

About Requiem: Alive

RequiemSEA ( http://requiem.aglobalsea.com/) is the South East Asian version of Requiem: Bloodymare & Memento Mori a free-to-play online 3D horror MMORPG. Requiem: Alive is famed for being one of the most horrifying MMORPGs in the market, as well as one of the very few MMORPGs with a +18 Mature Audience rating.

Previously available to play only in North America and Russia, the game is now finally accessible to gamers in South East Asia through Asiasoft’s @Global Games platform.

The RequiemSEA game fact sheet and source materials can be downloaded here:

Requiem: Alive Game Fact Sheet - http://www.sendspace.com/file/oygqw8 (2.0MB)

Requiem: Alive and Publisher Logos – http://www.sendspace.com/file/8oij4u (4.4MB)

Requiem: Alive Artwork – http://www.sendspace.com/file/s336yw (229.0MB)

Requiem: Alive Screenshots – http://www.sendspace.com/file/yfu1am (2.0MB)

About Asiasoft Group of Companies

The Asiasoft Group of Publishing Companies serves more than 15 million gamers in South East Asia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. As one of the leading online game publishers in the region, Asiasoft assists game developers in tapping the growth potential of the South East Asian market.

Asiasoft presently publishes the South East Asian versions of “MapleStory, “GetAmped”, “Sudden Attack”, “Audition”, “Warriors of the 3 Kingdom”, “CABAL Online”, “TwelveSky2”, “Dekaron”, “Granado Espada”, “Ragnarok Online”, “Altantica Online”, “Ghost Online”, “Yulgang”, “Vanilla Cat”, “ Freestyle”, “Gunbound”, “TS Online”, “Richman” and ”Huang Yi”.

Asiasoft also distributes “Silkroad Online”, “Alteil Online” and its Singapore arm, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, is also the official distributor of Blizzard Entertainment’s record breaking titles including “World of Warcraft”.

Asiasoft is committed to developing the regional gaming community, by working closely with developers and industry partners to entertain and engage casual gamers and netizens with content localization, marketing and game management services for gaming developers in an integrated service platform.

About Gravity Co.,Ltd

Since its establishment in April 2000, Gravity has built a worldwide digital entertainment audience by developing and servicing successful online games for the global market. Ragnarok Online, a beloved game by gamers from all over the world, has successfully entered into markets across the five oceans and six continents for the first time as a Korean global online game.

Gravity is proud to be the first Korean game company to be directly listed on NASDAQ since February 2005, an accomplishment that would never have been possible without the support and encouragement of Gravity fans from all over the globe.


For more information, please contact:

Jem Loh Jacqueline Lok

Assistant Content Manager Project Manager (@GlobalSEA)

Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd

Email : jem.loh@asiasoftsea.net Email : jacqueline.lok@asiasoftsea.net

Mobile: +65 9796 2621 Mobile : +65 9105 9133

Tel: +65 6825 8500 Tel: +65 6825 8500

Fax: +65 6781 3532 Fax: +65 6781 3532

Christine Lay

Product Marketing Specialist

Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd

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Tel: +65 6825 8500

Fax: +65 6781 3532


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