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Global Agenda

New Singapore-based server fired up for Pacific Rim market.

ATLANTA, April 9, 2010 — Today, Hi-Rez Studios launched additional server capacity for Global Agenda, based in Singapore, to provide the Pacific Rim market optimal game performance while still competing inside a single game world.

Players from the Pacific Rim region, and around the world, are encouraged to try Global Agenda’s FREE TRIAL today. The generous free trial currently allows unlimited play, although players are capped at Level 15 and have some restrictions on game features.

Global Agenda’s unique single-shard design allows all players worldwide to compete inside the same game universe, able to interact with and compete against all other players inside the game regardless of geography. When joining a mission, however, players can choose a region to compete in, allowing them to choose between optimizing their game performance or competing against those in other geographies.

“We are excited to launch servers in the Pacific Rim market and to make Global Agenda truly global, as one of the first games to bring players from throughout the world together while still offering the performance expected from a fast-action, multi-player shooter,” said Stewart Chisam, Vice President of Game Operations. “We look forward to continued expansion and growth in the game, and continue to invest heavily in improving and expanding the game as well, as evidenced by our Sandstorm release (Version 1.3), which is coming later this spring and adds significant new content and character progression inside the game.”

Currently, Global Agenda offers regions for North America (servers in Atlanta), Europe (servers in London) and the Pacific Rim (servers in Singapore). Any player anywhere can join missions in any of the regions simply using an option on the Mission select screen.

In addition, the Tradewind Territory Zone inside the game’s Alliance vs Alliance framework for persistent territory control will now run from the Pacific Rim servers, operating Monday through Thursday from 10:30 to 12:30 GMT (18:30 to 20:30 in Singapore). Other zones run from the North American and European regional servers and can also be competed for by players from the Pacific Rim region.

Behind the scenes, the release of the Pacific Rim servers marks the launch of a new cloud-based computing architecture for Global Agenda, which will allow additional servers to be added more seamlessly and easily to the game universe in the future whenever and wherever as needed.

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