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German retailer to pull violent games

Shooting prompts Galeria Kaufhof to refuse to stock mature titles

German retail chain Galeria Kaufhof will pull violent videogames and films from its shelves in response to a school shooting last week.

Starting April, Kaufhof will no longer stock films or games marked with an 18-plus rating, the country's highest age limit, according to Reuters

"I think [Kaufhof's decision] is a complete overreaction ... it borders on impulsive hysteria," said Stephan Reichart, managing director at the German videogame developers association G.A.M.E.

"It would be sufficient if retailers made sure their cashiers don't sell this material to young people."

Videogames drew in criticism for prompting the school shooting, which claimed 16 lives, when it was revealed the 17-year-old shooter was a Counter-Strike player.

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