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Gene Expression Rave

Promotional puzzler for Roche Applied Science.


March 19, 2009 (Dallas, TX) – Dallas-based Blockdot has launched “Gene Expression Rave,” a new game for Roche Applied Science, a leader in the delivery of advanced research tools that accelerate life science discovery.

“Gene Expression Rave,” which combines funky-fresh artwork with awesomely addictive (and brainy!) fun, supports Roche Applied Science products used in university research labs across the United States and Canada. With absorbing gameplay, a leader board for posting high scores, and a challenge-a-friend feature, “Gene Expression Rave” brings out the gamer in every scientist.

Awwwh yeaaah, ready to get the par-tay started!? Your goal is to match the nucleotide discs on the game board with the “reference DNA” discs in the top-right corner of the screen. Click on a disc to flip it (G/C flips to C/G, A/T flips to T/A). Each time you flip a disc, the discs above, below, left, and right of that disc will also flip. Solve a puzzle and you’ll move on to the next round. But watch your step on the dance floor: each puzzle is more difficult than the last. Fail to match the “reference DNA” before you run out of moves and this rave comes to an end!

You can play “Gene Expression Rave” by visiting http://www.kewlbox.com/games/gameDetail.aspx?gameID=322.

To learn more about Roche Applied Science, visit https://www.roche-applied-science.com.

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