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Get it for free just by asking.

Prague, Czech Republic - 14th November, 2009 – Creative agency Handjoy proudly present new contest, where everyone will win.

There is only one rule:

· Write anywhere on the internet I want Gelex for free! and we will make it happen.

People can write this message on their blog, twitter account, in YouTube comments, on various discussion forums or anywhere else, where Google can record it.

Day before Gelex release day, we will search Google using the quated query “I want Gelex for free” and according to results we will set the starting price for this game:

· 50 results on Google -> Starting price will be 1,99$

· 100 results on Google -> Starting price will be 0,99$

· 500 results on Google -> Gelex will be the first day after the release day for free

· 1000 results on Google -> Gelex will be 2 days for free

· 2000 and more results on Google -> Gelex will be for free whole weekend

The game will debut on Apple App Store at the beginning of December 2009 for 2,99$ - normal price.

About Gelex

Gelex is innovative and highly addictive arcade iPhone/iPod Touch game for both casual and hardcore players. It combines physics elements with traditional match 3 concept. It is designed and fully optimized for the touch screen with easy to learn controls. Gelex was created by Marie Bila aka “Granny Coder”, 78 year old extraordinary lady, mother of 3 kids and 5 grandchildren, who lives in small village in Czech Republic with one cat called Jasmina, 15 chickens and goat Liza.

Official homepage: http://grannycoder.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/grannycoder/

About Handjoy

Handjoy ( http://www.handjoy.net) is a creative agency focused on providing complex marketing solutions in the field of games and advergaming. Since its foundation in 2005, Handjoy has been trying to bring original, amusing and successful titles in marketing, which are able to hold every player's interest no matter how old he is. By its approach, persistence and quality of the solutions provided, Handjoy has gained front position in the field of the production of the advertising games (so called advergaming) in all its forms on the Czech market.

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