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GDC: Vicon launches affordable motion capture rig

Motion capture specialist Vicon has announced the launch of a new system called FKextreme, which is designed to make the firm's Oscar-winning equipment affordable for game developers and small studios.

The setup runs on Vicon's own MX3+ cameras, which have been tweaked to improve their performance, along with a significantly overhauled software interface which is designed to make the motion capture process as simple as possible.

"There has been a perception in the marketplace that Vicon motion capture is out of reach of small to mid-sized animation facilities and game developers," explained Vicon's business development manager, Robin Pengelly.

"FKextreme is an incredibly affordable and accessible motion capture system that delivers better price performance than any other professional mo-cap system targeting these customers."

According to Vicon, the new system is ideal for capturing motion either for in-game animations or for cutscenes - and while the basic system is only capable of dealing with two actors, it can be upgraded and extended to capture multiple performers interacting with one another.

"Over recent years a number of low-cost systems have been released, but they have significant limitations and technical roadblocks for production use," said Pengelly. "Vicon has taken our flagship system and pipeline and brought the price within the reach of small studios and first-time game producers."

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