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Gaming style specialists Binary-One.co.uk have landed

Exeter, Devon - Binary-one.co.uk, a new company specialising in videogame-related apparel and accessories has opened for business today.

Binary-one.co.uk provides game-related apparel, mugs and a wide range of cables, case modifications and accessories for current and next-gen videogame consoles. The company believes that there is a market for such products in the UK, created by high import taxes and uncertainty over delivery from import gaming retailers.

"Currently, gamers can buy their extension cables, peripherals, replacement parts and other accessories from a number of sources. The high street has proven to be consistently over-priced for low-quality items, whilst the various worldwide importers come across as confusing to the user when it comes to the final costs involved, and the speed of delivery." said John Matthews, founder and owner of Binary-one.co.uk.

"With regards to our exclusive apparel designs, we also found that the shopping experience for any gamer wishing to pick up a game-related shirt from the current batch of retailers left a lot to be desired. High prices, a lack of communication with the customer and lack of innovative product ideas meant that we saw a gap in the market that was waiting to be filled."

Designs available at launch range from the simple-but-stylish "Frag Frag Frag" shirt and mug, to the "Sensi Skillz" range, which harks back to the days when you didn't need twelve buttons to chip the keeper from thirty-yards.

To promote the new range of products, Binary-one.co.uk will sponsor competitions on several UK-based gaming sites, including RewiredMind.com and Xequted.com - with others to be announced later on in the week.

If you are interested in running a competition sponsored by Binary-one.co.uk, please email the PR manager - kenbarnes@rewiredmind.com. All sales and other business-related queries should be directed to sales@binary-one.co.uk

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