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GameWager/XFIRE deal

Reward system hooks up with friend finder.


Austin, TX – It doesn’t get any better than this, newly launched GameWager has made the ultra popular XFIRE its’ official “chat and capture” client for its' service.

GameWager co-founder Thomas Marriott said he is “proud to reveal the GameWager edition XFIRE skin that increases the feature set XFIRE has to offer its’ members while enabling our own a better way to find and challenge friends in addition to the list of other native features XFIRE has to offer.” The skin provides quick access to members’ token balances, performance stats, taunts and reward zone for prizes. GameWager just announced Atari founder Nolan Bushnell’s advisory role last week and has seen solid traction with over 70,000 active gamers since their launch last July.

Designed for gamers of all skill levels, GameWager’s platform offers a reward system that lets gamers earn virtual tokens for completing in-game actions like kills, objectives and team wins in multiplayer PC games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. Earned tokens can be redeemed for a chance to win sponsored prizes like Alienware laptops, Nvidia cards and even a three month supply of Red Bull! GameWager has announced it will be releasing a feature later this year that will allow hardcore gamers to directly wager tokens against each other in real-time to settle virtual trash talking under their own conditions.

GameWager also offers interactive social tools that enable members to brag, share and compare all of their aggregated game stats across hundreds “GameWager enabled” of servers worldwide. If you can’t find a server you like, you can configure your server in less than 60 seconds by following simple instructions on their site.

The free service has made it very easy for all gamers with nothing to download or install and the sign up process taking less than 10 seconds. The company has many titles in development that span the industry’s genres from World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4 and Red Alert 3 to casual games on site.

You can download the skin by visiting GameWager here:


Or XFIRE here:


About GameWager, Inc

GameWager is an online platform designed for all gamers to get more out of their gaming experiences. It currently offers a reward system and wagering platform built on a virtual token currency in addition to a suite of interactive social tools. Founded in 2007 by Thomas Marriott and George Giannukos, GameWager is advised by the executive direction of Nolan Bushnell, backed by Todd Wagner and headquartered in Austin, TX. Please visit gamewager.net for more information.

About Xfire, Inc.

Xfire, Inc. one of the fastest growing online gaming platform and community in the world, helping gamers to easily connect, chat and play with their friends online. Xfire is a free service that allows gamers to easily browse for game servers, chat with friends through IM and voice chat, as well as download the latest updates and additions to their favorite games. With 12.3 million members in over 100 countries, Xfire is an international community connecting gamers across the globe. Xfire is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MTV Networks and is based in Menlo Park, CA.


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