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GAMEVIL USA Launches Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood with Multiplayer Mode

A new epic multiplayer game hits mobile phones in the U.S.

Los Angeles, California--February 27, 2008--GAMEVIL USA, the LA-based mobile games publisher, announced today the launch of Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood, an epic role-playing and hack and slash adventure that now has a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight with friends and other players.

In Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood, the nation is suffering from a civil war after the death of the Emperor, and the outcome of the war will depend on the choices the player makes throughout the game. But it's not just the 25 different endings or the 100 plus collectible items that make this game unique. The game now has a multiplayer mode where players can participate in duels or team up with others in missions. Players can level up their characters, build up their experience and earn gold to purchase items in single player mode, then login to the multiplayer version with their upgraded characters. The multiplayer mode includes one-on-one and two-on-two battles in either duels or missions. Victorious battles will earn you more experience, gold, and fame, all of which can be applied in single player mode. Winning in two-on-two battles can earn you even more experience, gold, and fame. With a seamless blend of action, role-playing, and massive multiplayer online game play, Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood presents a new kind of mobile game that takes advantage of the purpose of mobile phones: connecting with others.

"We wanted to take mobile gaming to the next level with networked game play and further enhance the player's experience." said Stephanie Huang, Marketing Manager of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. "It's surprising that there's not that many mobile games already out there that utilize that kind of multiplayer technology. The option for users to play with their friends makes mobile gaming even more enjoyable, and we wanted to give our players that experience with the multiplayer feature in Path of a Warrior: Imperial Blood."


GAMEVIL is a premier global mobile games publisher headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and Seoul, Korea. Since its founding in 2000, GAMEVIL has earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the mobile games sector by crafting 10 award winners in a diverse portfolio of over 60 games. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. As a world class leader in mobile game publishing, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establish mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment platform for the world.


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