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GameTap Launches The 5th Episode Of Sam & Max: Season 1

"Reality 2.0," the latest episode in "Sam & Max: Season 1," launched today exclusively on GameTap.

With an internet crisis looming and a viral video game holding its players hostage, in this episode Sam & Max need to slip into a new reality to set things right. Can our heroes crack this virtual case in time to avoid a worldwide system failure?

Find out now only at www.gametap.com/samandmax. Plus, GameTap TV offers exclusive Sam & Max extras like the 1997 hit cartoon series and all-new machinima shorts released each week.

If you missed an episode or just can't get enough "Sam & Max: Season 1", the first four episodes are also available as part of the regular GameTap membership. Join now to catch up on the story and experience the best in episodic gaming.

Named one of The New York Times Top 10 PC Games of 2006, episode 1 "Culture Shock" kicked off the season with a bang. Just last month, Joystiq called episode 4, "the best episode released thus far." GameDaily also said, "The video game industry could definitely use more games like these."

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To view Sam & Max trailers and machinima shorts or to download screensavers and wallpaper - visit www.gametap.com/samandmax. For screenshots and downloadable video that you can post on your own site, visit http://vip.telltalegames.com.

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