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GameShadow Metrics

Patching service offers data on what PC gamers get up to.

28th July 2008.   Oxford, UK.  GameShadow, www.gameshadow.com, ; the leading independent, automated patch system today announced GameShadow Metrics.  The Metrics service provides real time reports on PC gamers’ playing habits and preferences and is designed to reveal accurate and vital market trends giving detailed information on an unprecedented scale.

Tony Treadwell, Founder and COO of GameShadow commented, “Our engine checks all the versions of games users have loaded on their PC to deliver a one-click patching service. This enables us to build a great profile of the games they play and in return for providing a great service to our users we can report on how genres or sequels are connected. We can even track  ‘unknown’ versions and review driver hardware.” 

He continued, “We realized that this level of accurate data is an incredibly valuable marketing tool for publishers, developers, ISVs and hardware vendors to understand gamers’ habits. The data is structured to allow customers to drill down and perform analysis dynamically. And we fully protect our gamers so that nothing can be tracked backed to individuals. We’ve created an easy to use, online service that gives access to the core data – every publisher and developer can check up on their titles alongside the other 2600 titles in a matter of seconds.”

For example:

•    Is subject matter rather more important than genre? A very high percentage of Call of Duty 4 players also play Company of Heroes, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 as opposed to Crysis, Bioshock and Quake 4.   This indicates a preference for war scenarios with bullets and guns over more futuristic, lasers, rail-guns and telekinesis!

•    NVIDIA 8000 series cards dominate the top of the table when it comes to First Person Shooter players, with over 29% of them having a series 8 card from the graphics card manufacturer.

•    “20% of gaming PCs have less than 1GB of RAM installed.”

With over 1 Million users, and 4 million game records the GameShadow –software provides updates, patches, demos and trailers to a growing list of customers and manages installed games by auto patching and recommending additional content.

To organise a demo or obtain further information on the GameShadow Metrics service please visit http://www.gameshadow.com/metrics.php or contact Tony Treadwell, e:  Tony@Gameshadow.com.

Press enquiries to:  Alison Beasley, Lincoln Beasley PR. 

E:  Alison@lincolnbeasley.co.uk.  M:  +44 (0) 7966 449130

About GameShadow

GameShadow began life providing automatic videogame patching to gamers all over the world. Its core product is free, and automatically updates all of a user's games and graphics drivers, ensuring they always getting the very best performance from their games and their hardware. GameShadow currently supports nearly 2,500 titles, with content ranging from patches to demos, movies and mods, as well as paid-for content such as expansion packs, full games and merchandise. GameShadow also provides gamers with game-related content relevant to their individual game collections, regular high quality editorial, and a newly launched gaming community.

The GameShadow Software is distributed via the Internet and can be downloaded at  www.gameshadow.com. GameShadow's partners include Philips, NVIDIA, Eidos, Take 2, Mercury, Softwrap, Microsoft, Ascaron and many other publishers and developers.

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