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Blog established by former GameShadow man Nicholas Lovell and his industry chums.

London, 14th January 2009.

What are the dangerous implications of the disappointing sales of Tomb Raider? How will Balderton Capital raising $450 million for technology and media investments affect the games industry? Which new business models are attracting investment and why?

Gamesbrief launches today to provide analysis and insight to the global games industry. Written by highly-respected industry professionals, Gamesbrief is not just another news source. It will look behind the headlines and under the corporate gloss to tell you what really matters and why.

As well as commentary, the site will track the ebbs and flows of the global games industry. The GameOverZone currently tracks over 200 jobs lost in the global games industry in the first two weeks of 2009 as well as thousands in more in games retail, chip manufacturing and distribution. The site will eventually contain a database of games companies, capital raisings and redundancies, providing an invaluable resource to executives, researchers, developers and financiers.

GamesBrief founder Nicholas Lovell commented, "The global recession will unleash an era of creative destruction on the games industry. Old models will come under threat and established companies will retrench, adapt or die. New companies will emerge taking advantage of new financing, new distribution and new revenue models. Gamesbrief will chart the births, deaths and alliances of the games industry, looking beyond the headlines to identify the strategic issues at stake. If each of our blog posts doesn't make you think about something in a new way, we're not doing our job."



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Notes to Editors

GamesBrief ( www.gamesbrief.com) is a blog about the business of games. Passionate about the development of the games industry and the transitions between console-based boxed products and web-based distribution, GamesBrief seeks to identify the trends, announcements and companies that will shape the future of the games industry.

Founder Nicholas Lovell is highly-regarded industry commentator. Following a decade long financial career in the City of London, Nicholas founded Lodestar Partners, a corporate finance boutique that focused exclusively on the games industry. From 2006 to 2008, Nicholas was CEO of GameShadow, a games website and patching engine. He is a non-executive director of developer nDreams and provides consultancy services to a number of games companies.

Guest bloggers on GamesBrief include nDreams CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh, award-nominated games writer Tom Jubert and games industry lawyer Vincent Scheurer.

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