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Games Convention Online 2010

Advisory council dons its robes.


(8 – 11 July 2010)

Leipzig, 31 March 2010

Preparations are in full swing for the second edition of the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE which is being held in Leipzig from 8 to 11 July. The heavyweights from the online games industry now backing the trade show include Bigpoint, Travian Games, SevenOne intermedia, InnoGames and gamigo, as well as opinion influentials such as nexxter interactive services and schülerVZ.

On 31 March, Leipziger Messe announced its first advisory council for the world’s first ever trade show for browser, client and mobile games. The committee of experts from the industry will be advising Leipziger Messe on questions of strategy and content for the GCO.

Silvana Kürschner, Strategy Director at Leipziger Messe, explained: “The advisory council brings together internationally experienced game developers and publishers. They bring to the table their knowledge of the industry and their experiences, guaranteeing a successful GCO for all the players involved within the value-add chain of the online gaming industry.” At regular meetings and together with Leipziger Messe, the GCO profile will be developed continuously in accordance with the games industry’s interests.

The members of the GCO advisory council are:

Lothar Eckstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Bigpoint

Marc Wardenga, Head of Games, SevenOne Intermedia

Gunter Schiblhut, Marketing Manager Games, SevenOne Intermedia

Dennis Heinert, PR Manager, InnoGames

Patrick Streppel, Board Member gamigo

Christoph Schmid, Head of schülerVZ

Thomas Brasch, Managing Partner, nexxter interactive services


Florian Bohn, Managing Director, Travian Games: “The GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE is an attraction for gamers and at the same time a meeting place for the industry’s protagonists. We’re looking forward to experiencing innovations and tomorrow’s trends again this year in Leipzig.”

Lothar Eckstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Bigpoint GmbH: “Last year’s GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE was a big success for us. So we’re very pleased with Leipziger Messe’s offer to join the GCO advisory council and to cooperate actively on the concept for the online game show 2010. Bigpoint firmly believes that this year too, the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE will be a very important get-together for this industry.”

Marc Wardenga, Head of Games, SevenOne Intermedia: “The market for online games is growing continuously and achieves unbelievable profits. With the GCO Leipzig, we at long last have a trade show that recognises this trend and is cutting-edge in dedicating itself entirely to the online sector. We believe in this platform, are fully behind the concept and look forward to being part of the GCO this year.”

Michael Zillmer, Managing Director, InnoGames: “The GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE is an important platform for the networking of a rapidly expanding industry. InnoGames benefits from this like many other companies. That’s why we are happy in return to take an active part in the structuring of its content on the advisory council.”

Patrick Streppel, Board Member gamigo: “The first GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE was a brave step in a new direction and made a good start despite scepticism, resistance and criticism. As one of the leading publishers of MMOGs in Europe, we are pleased to be actively accompanying future GCO episodes on the advisory council.”

Christoph Schmid, Head of schülerVZ: “As Germany’s biggest social network for school students, we are delighted to be able to play an active part on the advisory council for the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE. The idea of games plays a central role in our community and is steadily growing in importance. Since the younger target group in particular is present in the network with the widest variety of games and competitions, we are particularly pleased to observe and use these developments and trends together with the GCO.”

Thomas Brasch, Managing Partner, nexxter interactive services GmbH: “For us, Leipzig means passion when it comes to games. The development of online games in recent years shows their continual rise in favour with the public. Leipzig picks up on this enthusiasm with the GCO and creates a fitting forum for the growing number of fans and developers.”


The world’s first ever trade show for browser, client and mobile games brought a total of 43,000 gamers to Leipzig for the first event. 74 exhibitors from eight countries introduced themselves at that premiere. The 150 games on show included 50 world and European premieres. The national partner at the first GCO was the Republic of Korea.

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