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Gamers' Voice website

Consumer group launches new site and holds conference in Birmingham.

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Britain’s only computer and video game consumer group has launched it’s new website, pledging to take on the negative media coverage of gaming and hold headline grabbing politicians to account.

The website, www.gamersvoice.org.uk has been give a complete design featuring informative new content, along with enhanced navigation and usability. It will also serve as the hub for Gamers’ Voice members, with forums planned, interviews with high profile gamers and membership polling on key gaming issues.

Gamers’ Voice unveiled the new website via their Twitter account ahead of their first conference on gaming which was held in Birmingham on Saturday 28th August. Topics that were discussed at the meeting included the coming PEGI ratings campaign, how to hold to account politicians such as Liam Fox MP when they issue negative comments about games and developing new strategies to promote gaming as equal in cultural terms to films, literature and music.

Paul Gibson, Chairman of Gamers’ Voice said:

“The video game industry is a relatively young but fast moving industry which is still growing even in these difficult economic times. It is lamentable that the perception of video games and their users remain as it was 30 years ago; that games are the preserve of lonely teenage boys.

The days of frustratedly reading a headline about a politician calling for a game to be banned are behind us. I urge all gamers in the UK to visit the new website, register and let us know their views on the key issues that effect you. Our united voice will ensure we’re never again dismissed or used as scapegoats for tabloid moral panics.”


Notes to Editor

Gamers' Voice is an independent pressure group representing video and computer gamers in the UK which seeks to act as a conduit to make our voice heard in the government and mainstream media. Gamers’ Voice has over 16,500 members. Gamers’ Voice website: http://gamersvoice.org.uk Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamersVoice


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