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Game&Game Announces Service for Six New MMO Games

Seoul, Korea - July 27, 2007- Korean Software Industry Promotion Agency, also called "KIPA", announced that new MMO (massively multiplayer online) games are lined up for the 2nd half of 2007 in their global service platform 'Game&Game' www.gamengame.com.

'Game&Game', which is KIPA's initiative to pave the way for Korean MMO games into the global market, is currently hosting five online games: Cronous, Darkness and Light, Lunia, Bomb 'n Dash, and Record of Lunia. With the successful incubating of those games targeted to the global game market, KIPA has chosen six new games to test the waters by its global users.

The six new mmo games are:

­ Pi Story (Anime MMORPG)

­ Red Stone(Western-style MMORPG)

­ Twelve Sky(Oriental-style MMOPRG)

­ Fiesta Online(Anime-style MMORPG)

­ MicMac Online(Anime-style MMORPG)

­ Kicks Online(Soccer MMO game)

The 2nd half lineup is composed of various genres of MMORPGs, from anime-style to oriental-style online games. Among those games, Red Stone is well-known for its remarkable success in the Japanese market, and Twelve Sky in the Korean market. Also, the Soccer MMO game "Kicks Online" is one of the most popular online sports games in Korea.

These upcoming games are going to start their service beginning in September, and gamers can check out game information of those games on the Game&Game official website.

About Game&Game.com

Game&Game.com( www.gamengame.com), which is part of "Global Service Platform" initiative, is initiated by Korean government-affiliated "Korean IT Promotion Agency(KIPA)". Its role is to accelerate recognition of Korean online games to the global gamers and Silkroad Online, Shot Online, Gun Bound, War Rock successfully made inroads into the North American or European market during their services in this website.

About KIPA

KIPA(Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency) was established in 1998 by the Ministry of Information and Communication as a non-profit organization. Its role is to contribute to the globalization of the Korea information technology industry, support start-up software companies, and improve the quality of Korea's software the industry's productivity through process improvement efforts. "Global Service Platform" initiative, which is also known as 'game&game" and "game&game world championship", is an part of its global marketing support program for the information technology industry.

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