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New online marketplace for app developers.

Introducing, GameCot which is a market place for apps and games, providing the most profitable deals to both developers and publishers at a very nominal fee.

This is an extremely good opportunity for independent game developers to showcase and monetize their content.

The developers decide the price of various exclusive and non exclusive licenses for their games and apps. The developers need to provide certain images, videos along with some information about the application or game. The publisher will view it, like it, and quote a price. GameCot assist both the parties in having safe and successful transaction as the publisher directly pays the entire amount to the developer once all the essential activities to acquire rights are performed by both the parties.

Vijay Sharma, Founder, Gamecot said, “As an Independent Developer and Publisher I personally felt a need of a platform where I could buy and sell game licenses. There was no such solution existing so we developed Gamecot. In one day with no promotions done. We have 60 users which includes developers and publishers. Some really big publishers from Silicon Valley and mobile manufacturers from Korea have also joined. 15 games and apps have been submitted in one day.”

Users need to register on Gamecot in order to submit or buy content. Games/apps submitted by a developer cannot be viewed by other developers since it is not open to public hence the properties are well protected. Publishers have a unique directory of games to choose from as developers can develop games across 18 different platforms. Gameoct is a unique solution. Publishers and Developers can really make good use of it as it has opened up more possibilities for both.

Gamecot claims to be a unique offering that “helps creativity find the right commercial value.”



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