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Game engine gets new online capabililties.

Calabasas, CA –September 29, 2010 – Emergent Game Technologies, the worldwide leader in 3D videogame engines, today announced new online capabilities for its Gamebryo® and Gamebryo LightSpeed® engines, including web browser and networking solutions.

The integrations with Kalydo’s browser game platform provide Gamebryo and LightSpeed users the ability to deploy their game as a 3D web browser game. Kalydo Social provides an easy way to convert downloadable online games into a browser game, removing the traditional barriers of downloading and installing associated with many PC games. In addition, Kalydo Compact’s toolset can make downloadable game files up to 50% smaller, which improves conversion rates and saves on bandwidth costs.

LightSpeed is now integrated with Jenkins Software’s RakNet 4, offering an enhanced approach to managing LightSpeed’s network back end. Recognized as the world’s leading networking engine, RakNet 4 enables LightSpeed users to access advanced object replication, remote procedure calls, patching, secure connections, voice chat, and real-time SQL logging.

Both Kalydo and Jenkins Software will join Emergent at its booth for GDC Online in Austin, TX, October 6-8, 2010, where LightSpeed integration demonstrations and feature updates will be presented. Show attendees are invited to stop by and see the Emergent team during GDC Online (booth #600). Press interested in meeting with Emergent during the show to learn more about the company and its development products, please contact Tracie Snitker with Reverb Communications at tracie@reverbinc.com. 

This news comes on the heels of the announcement between Emergent and Australian independent game developer, Krome Studios, that the two companies will merge their middleware technologies and core engineering teams.  Emergent Game Technologies will be the exclusive licensor of the combined companies’ work and the roadmap for this initiative will be shared with customers and partners on October 1, 2010.

For more information about Emergent Game Technologies and its development products, please visit www.emergent.net or follow us on Facebook.


About Emergent Game Technologies

Best known for its industry-leading 3D game engines, Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed, Emergent's technologies have been selected by studios around the globe to bring nearly 300 titles across more than 15 genres to market, including Game of the Year award-winning titles like Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion , as well as critically acclaimed titles like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning , Civilization Revolution, QQ Speed, Divinity II – Ego Draconis and Bully . Emergent’s videogame technology is allowing studios to focus on innovative gameplay by enabling rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and rapid production with real-time on-target updates for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system, Wii and PC. As part of the international development community, Emergent provides world class support and technologies evolved from deep relationships with its developer partners.

Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, California, and has offices in Chapel Hill, NC; London; Tokyo; China and Korea. www.emergent.net.

About Kalydo

Developed by Eximion, Kalydo is a leading browser game middleware solution which enables embedding  games, based on any game technology, directly into every browser and social network. Kalydo’s innovative and scalable way of deploying games takes away traditional barriers, such as the need to download and install software. Kalydo decreases distribution costs  while increasing visitor-to-player conversion and revenues. Games can now be offered in a “click & play” fashion, bringing consumers a fantastic gaming experience from anywhere in the world.

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Kalydo launched their public beta in 2007 before going commercially live in 2009.  For more information, please visit  www.kalydo.com

About RakNet

RakNet is a C++ game networking engine designed for ease of use and performance. Features include object replication, remote procedure calls, patching, secure connections, voice chat, and real-time SQL logging. RakNet has been shipped on the PS3, XBOX 360, Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Mac, and iPhone among others. Visit www.raknet.net for more information.


About Jenkins Software

About Jenkins Software LLC: Located in Southern California and established in 2003, Jenkins Software LLC is the developer and publisher of RakNet and Echo Chamber. Jenkins Software specializes in multiplayer tools for game developers.


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