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Gamebridge at London MCM Expo

Showing off new announcements Papermates and Way of The Samurai 3.
14th September, 2009 – Fledgling publisher Gamebridge has grown from strength to strength since its inception last year and is now ready to showcase its early 2010 line-up. Using the London MCM Expo as a launch pad for the announcements, Papermates and Way of The Samurai 3 will arrive in Europe early next year, with marketing and sales coordinated by Rising Star Games.

Papermates is to be released on the Nintendo DS™ and is DSi™ compatible. With a wide range of mini-games, trading and character customisation, including taking photos, Papermates has huge potential. The Way of The Samurai series is one of the finest culturally accurate games revolving around feudal Japan, set in the warring states period, with the player taking the role of a wandering warrior arriving in a small province. In Way of The Samurai 3 players have direct involvement in the plot by choosing dialogues and actions in the game. A new outstanding feature in the game is that players can draw their weapon anytime during cutscenes; this breathes new life into the way stories unfold also the next-gen treatment of this already established title will be sure to please fans of the series.

“We are elated to be working with Gamebridge on these great titles next year. Happy Party with Hello Kitty and Friends, Papermates and Way of the Samurai 3 all have that X-factor amongst the other great games present at the show this year” commented Tyrone Walcott, of Rising Star Games. “Following the phenomenal success Rising Star Games experienced at the last Expo in May, we are confident that Gamebridge will have a great show accompanied with Hello Kitty who also is making an exclusive personal appearance at the London event days before her official 35th birthday party in the capital.”

About Papermates

In Papermates, players can create their own individual characters and use them in a variety of ways; collect and customise their assortment into a personal album, trade character parts and characters worldwide and individualise each character as all clothing has different attributes. Try out your characters in various games with these different attributes to open the world of Papermates.

Game Feature:

• Create your own paper-thin characters called “Papermates”.

• Use a diverse character design system to recreate your favorite personalities or make original characters of your own.

• Use an avatar system containing almost 1,078 body parts to create very varied character designs.

• Dress up your Papermate from various costumes such as Astronaut, Football Player, Pirate, Ninja, Doctor, Fireman, Chef, etc.

• Move parts up and down to make both human like and non-human like creatures.

About Way of the Samurai

Players can create their own samurai and explore three defining settings within feudal Japan. With vast improvements what includes high level AI for NPCs, the new system is being worked into the game changes the dynamics of the traditional gameplay. This system lets players influence the storyline by their actions. During dialogue scenes, you'll occasionally see icons on-screen indicating that you can use your weapon during the event. Based on your actions, you could end up creating more enemies, so you'll have to determine when it's best to use your blade or tongue.

Game features:

• Movement and Time: Players can now either walk from place to place or travel instantly between areas by using the map. If you use the map, time will wind fast forward.

• Companion: Players can get a henchwoman who will follow the main character around to help him. Your female companion might agree to join you at the "safe house" if you are polite enough.

• Combat: Over 100 weapons in the game, including swords, spears, and even some novelty weapons like sticks, vegetables and fish. Players now can press L2 to kneel down and beg for mercy, as well as NPCs if they are losing the fight.

• Jobs and Mini-games: Players can do jobs for any of the three sides. Working for one side will increase the main character's popularity with that side, and terrorising them will make them hate him instead.

London MCM Expo is set to provide the grand opening for this year’s London Games Festival, the capital’s celebration of the best in videogame culture. Held at Excel on 24-25 October, the Expo will be a gamers’ feast, with top publishers from across the globe giving visitors hands-on experience with the hottest new games as well as sneak peeks at their latest projects.

For further information, screenshots and press samples (when available), please contact:

Tyrone Walcott or Yen Hau (Rising Star Games)



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About Gamebridge

With a history stretching as far back as their involvement in the NEC PC Engine, Tokyo based developer/publisher Interchannel has formed a joint venture with Nordic Nintendo distributor Bergsala. ‘Gamebridge’ will publish games across all platforms focusing on those titles Interchannel has created or licensed from studios in Japan and throughout the world.

About Rising Star Games

Rising Star Games Limited is a video games publisher for Sony PSP™, Nintendo DS™ and Wii™ in the PAL territory. A joint venture between Japanese publisher/developer Marvelous Entertainment and long standing Nintendo Nordic distributor Bergsala AB, Rising Star Games is now in its fifth staggeringly successful year of trading and has published more than 40 titles including the worldwide hit series Harvest Moon alongside the renowned renegade Nintendo Wii title, No More Heroes. For more information please go to www.risingstargames.com


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