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Game Theory - Episode One

Scott Steinberg grills industry execs on where the industry is going... and going wrong

Battered and bruised by plummeting sales, the videogame industry staggers on, steadily losing ground at retail. When will we finally wake up and realise that things have irrevocably changed?

From social network games to motion controls, iPhone apps, 3D games and cloud computing, the modern gaming business isn't just virtually unrecognisable. It's also being completely reinvented courtesy of new concepts like digital distribution and free-to-play titles with each passing day.

In the first of a multi-part series, Scott Steinberg talks to the field's biggest names - they reveal just how long and hard the road to redemption remains, and why things will never again be the same.

Game Theory with Scott Steinberg - Episode One

Scott Steinberg is CEO of GameTheoryOnline.com.


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