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Game Snacks Games Now Available Ad-Free!

Due to popular demand, Game Snacks releases, including Head on a Stick, Falling Heads, Ark-Annoyed and others, will now be available Ad-Free!

Until now, all Game Snacks releases were released, ad-supported, through GreyStripe's Game Jump portal. This will continue to be the case, but now they will also be available to buy for a one-off fee. So you can try them for free and if you like the game and the ads annoy you, you can remove the ads permanently!

The games are now available through our own direct to customers portal, http://www.freegamesnacks.com, as well as Click Gamer and various other affiliates and distributors. The games are still essentially free, there is are no differences between the paid for versions and the free versions.

This means more choice for our end-users and more distribution channels for Game Snacks.

Game Snacks release schedule:

Dark Light - May 1st

TBC - June 1st

One Million Robots - July 1st

TBC - August 1st

About Game Snacks

Game Snacks games are designed for the new wave of casual mobile phone gamer. Simple, fun, Quick, multiplayer, high scoring and Free! You can always do better and you'll always have time for one more go. Never get bored on the bus again! Take a look at more great titles at www.freegamesnacks.com

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