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GAME Rentals "no surprise," says WhyBuyGames.com

UK retailer's move into the rental market was expected as the "next logical step"

Aaron Barrett, product and services director of videogame rental service WhyBuyGames.com, has said it comes as "no surprise" that GAME has entered the rental market, describing it as "the logical step forward".

GAME announced today that it intends to launch a mail order subscription rental service, one that would bring it into direct competition with Barrett's company. Barrett said that WhyBuyGames.com welcomes the competition and is planning to keep up the momentum in developing its business.

"It was no surprise that they entered this sector as it is the logical step forward," he explained. "Competition is healthy, it gives customers the opportunity to choose a rental service that suits their needs."

"It will be interesting to see how they diversify into the unknown world of game rental and I hope they can provide the level of service that people expect from a rental company in these hard times."

"As for WhyBuyGames.com," he added. "We are currently negotiating various contracts which will improve our brand awareness nationally and increase our market share. We also have development plans for Gameshare.co.uk and a new project scheduled for launch later this year."

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