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Reviewing minstrel Rebecca Mayes tackles Peggle Dual Shot on the DS.


Having had her sultry self appear in the pages of the Official Playstation Magazine and NGamer, Rebecca has been back to the grind stone. This week's review song takes on the mighty Peggle.

What results is an acapella piece as layered and as crafted as the king of the casual gaming pachinko players itself.

This is not a game for serious gamers and at first the direction my lyrics were taking was: this game is a waste of time. But then I became interested in the idea that for many people this game is some kind of secret habit, not just for housewives/husbands who are playing it instead of folding washing, or children who are playing it instead of doing their homework but also for serious gamers who are playing it instead of playing something that takes some skill.

I like the idea that this very simple game with it's bright colours and cheerful tunes has a more sinister side.

This is my first acapella song. Every sound you hear comes from my mouth. And if that sounded rude to you then you've been playing far too much Peggle.

Having been featured on Kotaku, Games Radar and the That Game Developer blog, this week see's the remastering of her popular song for Flower. Hop along to her Flower PS3 review page for a fresh take on her now classic track.

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