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Game People Creative Review Internship

Cash on offer to budding reviewers.

PRESS RELEASE 13/05/2009


Following the success of Game People's Audio Gamer ( http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/rebeccamayes.htm) and Haiku Gamer ( http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/lottierose.htm) reviews, the Family Gamer Association is proud to sponsor their Creative Review Internship with up to GBP50 a month for budding videogame journalists and creatives.

The monthly songs and folded origami reviews may need to be seen and heard to be believed, but this hasn't stopped them appearing on the front pages of Games Radar and Kotaku. They've also been picked up in print - appearing in full page features of the Official Playstation Magazine and NGamer.

Family Gamer recognizes the unique work done by Game People in giving space for more interesting and artistic ways of responding to video games. These are often key routes into gaming that pique the interest of audiences outside the mainstream and get them playing games. Many of these fledging reviewers wouldn't be around today without support from the niche gaming site.

The association is therefore honoured to be sponsoring Game People's Creative Review Internship this year. They are offering the successful candidate GBP50 per monthly review for a year. The funding is intended to enable creative talent to spend time developing unique ways of reviewing and responding to video games - just as the Audio Gamer and Origami Gamer projects did last year.

Candidates for the internship should apply by submitting a 500 word account of their unique game review approach - see Audio Gamer and Haiku Gamer for reference. This should be accompanied by three sample reviews that reflect their approach. The successful candidate will bring new creative ideas that involve more than straight text and draw from a range of creative disciplines.

Email the Commissioning Editor ( editor@gamepeople.co.uk) at Game People, marking the subject FAO: Family Gamer Creative Internship.


Notes about the Association of Family Gamers

The Association of Family Gamers aims to provide support and information to families that are looking to play video games together in healthy, entertaining, imaginative and stimulating ways. It does this through its website www.familygamer.co.uk by providing Reviews, Guides, Editorials and Recommendation Lists for all new games. It also provides a printed Family Gamer magazine for its members that contain the season's gaming highlights.

The association consists of local grass roots families with an interest in video games. Grandparents, Parents, Teenagers, Juniors and Infants all bring their own angle on video games. Local meet-ups and play-sessions are complimented by the website and magazine where members both share and discuss their experiences without jargon or assumed prior knowledge.

Membership costs GBP25 annually, for which members receive a daily email of new reviews, guides and editorials as well as a regular printed Family Gamer magazine detailing the season's best games. Members can also contribute their reviews for publication and enter family gaming contests. For more information please contact our Membership secretary via editor@familygamer.co.uk making the mail FAO Membership.

Notes for Publishers and Public Relations

Family Gamer www.familygamer.co.uk aims to cover all new game releases, both those aimed at the casual market as well as more mature titles. Our readers’ value advice on the full range of games and as such we aim to be comprehensive.

We have handpicked a group of reviewers ready to cover games for you. Their reviews focused on the game experience itself and how well it fits people of particular gaming experience. Rather than dismissing particular experiences as too young, old, violent or sexual, they aim to inform readers who would be best place to enjoy them.

We have enjoyed close working relationships with a variety of PR companies and are keen to expand these to enable us to cover a wider range of games for our audience. If you have review code for us to cover please contact our Review Editor via editor@familygamer.co.uk marking the mail FAO Review Editor.

Notes for Advertisers

The Family Gamer magazine and website welcome appropriate advertisers. We have found these work best for products that sit in the gaming industry, or related experiences that our family audience may also be interested in. As such we prefer to establish long standing relationships with advertisers who prove to be a good fit to our audience.

Whether you are looking for some online advertising or to be a lead sponsor on a future magazine issue we are always keen to talk to prospective partners. For more information please contact our Advertisement Editor via editor@gamepeople.co.uk marking the mail FAO Advertisement Editor.

Notes for Parent Groups

The Association of Family Gamers is an informal network that aims to provide video game advice and information appropriate to parents. We are keen to work with parent groups and organisation who think they may benefit from this input.

We can arrange for a tailored publication about video games, branded to suit your organisation. We can also arrange for Parent Play-Sessions to grant firsthand experience of video games in an informal and discussion led environment. For more information contact our Parent Group liaison via editor@familygamer.co.uk marking the mail FAO Parent Liaison.

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