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Game Nation

The Realm of Etheria unveiled.


On the distant horizon stand a majestic castle with tall banners waving in the wind. Surrounding you are humble cottages and shops with earthen walls, thatched roofs and stone chimneys. The sounds of livestock, friendly shopkeepers and the clanging of a blacksmith fill the air. You can smell savory meats, fresh baked bread and fragrant blossoms which hug the terrain and buildings, inviting you in. You stand at the entrance holding your chosen weapon (a magical staff, longsword, or crossbow) as the town crier welcomes you to the realm of Etheria. While interacting with the townsfolk, quests are given to you. You can find these adventures by exploring, but the quests give you direct access as well as hidden secrets. The land is filled with festival rides that challenge your nerve and bravery and also arenas where you can test your might and skill. All this leading up to an epic encounter where you must defeat a dark evil that jeopardizes the magical balance of Etheria.

"Unprecedented in scope, the Etheria breaks new ground in theme park-making by allowing your skill and bravery to be part of the experience. And as you live the adventure, guests will feel things no one has ever felt inside a theme park attraction, move in ways no one has ever moved, experience an atmosphere like never before, punctuated by amazing special effects – and have an adventure only possible in Game Nation's world of Etheria." - Ruke


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