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Gamania's Tokyo Game Show line-up

Eight games to be shows off, including a new title from Hong Kong's Firedog Studio Entertainment.

IRVINE, Calif. – August 30, 2010 – Gamania Digital Entertainment announces that it will showcase their latest research and development (R&D) expansion and much anticipated second generation product lines at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2010. Among nearly 150 participating global companies, Gamania will have significant presence with one of the top ten largest booths, alongside other headline names such as Microsoft, Sony, and Square Enix. During the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, Gamania will be showing eight distinctive in-house products, while also exhibiting other works of entertainment, such as animation, web games, and mobile titles, heralding in Gamania's “Universe of Fun”.

Gamania has taken a strategic step towards globalization, making the official announcement that the largest game developer in Hong Kong, Firedog Studio Entertainment, has joined the Gamania group to expand its R&D capacity. Firedog Studio Entertainment was initially established in 1999, the first doujin group in Hong Kong, which transformed into an original game development company. In the same year, the company launched the PC version of Cupid Bistro!. Moving forward, Gamania will utilize the advantages Firedog Studio Entertainment brings, with original development and game production to strengthen in-house capabilities within the Gamania group. In an effort to bring gamers around the world more fun and exciting experiences, Gamania and Firedog Studio Entertainment have teamed up to develop an ornate and endearing game, debuting at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Tiara Concerto.

Gamania, a global firm, to shine at 2010 Tokyo Game Show

Armed with an arsenal of in-house games to introduce to the world this year, Gamania has selected the Tokyo Game Show, the most popular game expo in Asia, as the site for its multiple launches. With more than 70 booths at the 2010 event, Gamania, next to renowned international firms such as Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Square Enix, Capcom, etc., will rank among the top ten largest booths, in addition to being the largest participating game firm from Taiwan.

The theme for Gamania’s creative booth design will focus on its “Universe of Fun,” while also integrating the concept of the beanfun! digital entertainment platform. Apart from accentuating the characteristics of the second generation in-house games, these designs will also offer the public an explosive audio and visual experience. The world will witness the extraordinary force behind Gamania's capacity for developing games ready to rock the casual and hardcore gaming worlds alike.

The launching of eight in-house products to demonstrate the force of Gamania's R&D capacities

During the Tokyo Game Show, running from September 16th to 19th, Gamania will be showing eight self-developed online games, including its masterpiece of 2011, Project CORE; Reign of Assassins, an online game based on the Chinese martial arts film; Langrisser Schwarz, the online version of renowned Japanese PC Game, Langrisser; DIVINA, another major task by the developers of Lucent Heart; along with unannounced games, WARRIOR OF DRAGON, Soul Captor, and Tiara Concerto. The online game based on HERO: 108, the internationally popular original animated series, will also join the festival. Gamers are about to experience the most intense carnage, exiting adventures, and incredible sensory with Gamania's games!

Gamania’s TGS Titles

Project CORE

Epic 2011 Action Game

Unreal 3 Engine Constructs a Thrilling, Speedy Killing Experience

Viewed as the most essential Gamania product of 2011, the project dubbed Project CORE is an epic international game developed using the next generation Unreal 3 engine. The incredibly realistic scenes are stunning, with intriguing levels that are exciting and extremely challenging. Players will need to work in close-knit groups on adventures and missions as they experience the fluid tempo of movements and the thoroughly satisfying intense impact of hits. Players will be able to experience a sense of meticulous realism never seen before, including such elements as rising smoke, leaves that drift along with the breeze, the impact left by falling boulders, and the breath-taking sight of the beasts in-game!

Reign of Assassins

Inspired by the Chinese martial arts film of the Same Title

Gamania has made its initial venture into the film industry by developing the online game based on the Chinese martial arts suspense film, Reign of Assassins. This title will be launched along with the movie in 2010. The online game, Reign of Assassins, has also elements of the film's plot incorporated into the gameplay so that players can fully experience the stunning atmosphere that director John Woo has created, while also experiencing various events that take place in the film. Reign of Assassins sets a precedent, as the initial chapters, sets, and characters of the story were all inspired by the film and faithfully reproduce the beautiful scenery, streets, and classical fight scenes of the movie.


The Successor to Lucent Heart

Blows Hong Kong Away and Moves in Globally

DIVINA is a dreamy Japanese-style fantasy game that Gamania has produced in an adorable style akin to that of Lucent Heart. The unique dual-profession system in the game allows players to switch job classes in the midst of battle. Dozens of adorable pets and a variety of mounts will bring players thrills like never before. In addition, various renowned voice actors, including Rie Tanaka, Yui Horie, Takehito Koyasu -- known for his role as Ryosuke Takahashi in Initial D, and Takahiro Mizoshima -- known for his role as Rolo in Code Geass, have provided the Japanese voiceovers for the game characters and NPCs. Together, they provide a perfect interpretation of the characters' personalities, adding to players' enjoyment of adventures in fantastic settings spanning from myths from all over the world!

Langrisser Schwarz

Online Version of Renowned Japanese PC Game, Langrisser

Gamania has acquired the rights to renowned Japanese PC game, Langrisser, to recreate the charming classical plot and distinctive game format in an online version, officially titled Langrisser Schwarz. Character movement is fortified in Langrisser Schwarz, as are missions and levels that involve direct opposition between the forces of holiness and darkness, allowing players to experience an advanced form of this classic game. Three major forces are at play here: Empire, Light, and Darkness, vying for the sword of light and the sword of darkness. The most thrilling battles are about to begin as survival, power, and loyalty are challenged and questioned in each new struggle!


Integration of Eastern and Western Myths

An ornate combination of ancient Eastern and Western myths, Warrior Of Dragon creates ornate moving scenes with its distinctive mythical growth and production system. Players can construct the most powerful ancient holy warriors ever known! Comprehensive and large-scale nationwide wars allow players to experience intense, exciting fights on the battlefield, along with direct PvP battles. In addition, players can take part in the most difficult challenge, the Battle of the Gods, where players may transcend time and space to experience the wrath of the Gods as they issue a direct challenge on their path to becoming Gods themselves!

Soul Captor

Eastern Fantasy Theme: Cute Spirits Follow Players Around on Adventures

Ghosts Everywhere! Cute Spirits Bring Company to their Masters on Adventures

The story of Soul Captor is based on Eastern ghosts and spirits, with in-game characters and settings depicted in a fantasy style. Players take on the role of Angel and begin an amazing adventure with adorable and unique Spirits.

Powerful spirits are the most unique part of the game. Although they're appearance is adorable, they possess incredible powers which enable them to fight monsters, protect their masters, and collect souls. Their explosive capabilities allow them to transform the souls they capture into energy within the Soulpedia, increasing the amount of talent points which the Player has.

Tiara Concerto

World of music! Fantasy of Floating Island and Adventures

Developed by the famous Hong Kong game developer, Firedog Studio, Tiara Concerto is an online game with elements of cuteness and elegance. The story tells of massive destruction upon the human world. The earth is scattered amongst an alternate dimension, where the remaining humans live on islands floating in the air. They must play specific melodies on musical instruments in order to unlock levels that lead to alternate dimensions and gain more resources to survive. Apart from the regular occupations of fighters, music also plays a vital secondary role in Tiara Concerto. Musical instruments are used to emit special combat attacks and ornate battle actions, so that evil can be defeated and the wonder of the ancient civilization can be reclaimed!

HERO: 108

Full Speed Ahead! Spanning Multiple Platforms

After conquering various nations with the original animation and online game, HERO: 108 has officially announced its move into multimedia platforms such as Facebook and the iPhone. Players will be able to play HERO: 108 mini games at their convenience, in the simplest format. They will experience the personality of each distinct hero, participate in thrilling challenges, bear the responsibility of restoring peace in the human world, and regaining precious friendship with animals!

Please visit the following link for a sneak peak video of Gamania’s TGS titles. (Please select 720P HD version): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ZI9p2BxNk

For more information on Gamania and their upcoming games, visit the official Gamania corporate website: http://corp.gamania.com or contact the PR representatives below to schedule a meeting demonstration at the show.

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