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G1 Jockey Wii

To employ the Wii Balance Board for added silliness.

Hertfordshire, UK- June 16, 2008 - KOEI today announced the latest instalment in the hugely popular G1 Jockey series with G1 Jockey Wii 2008. With the last instalment utilising the Wii’s unique controllers to recreate the horse racing experience more realistically than ever before, the Wii Balance Board has now been employed to take the series a step further. Players now get the chance to leap fences and steer their horse to victory all through the feedback from the Wii Balance Board. Assuming a jockey crouch and powering to victory should brighten up even the longest of faces this September when G1 Jockey Wii 2008 is released in the UK and across Europe.

“With G1 jockey we have always strived to recreate the full horse racing experience in the most realistic and enjoyable way possible. The Nintendo Wii and now the Wii Balance Board have enabled us to continue our desire to bring every facet of this fascinating sport into the homes of passionate horse racing fans and gamers who want to enjoy a sporting experience like no other.” Naoki Katashima, Executive Vice President KOEI Europe and US.

About G1 Jockey Wii 2008

As well as providing gamers with one of the most intuitive and involving sporting experiences on the Wii, G1 Jockey Wii 2008 also contains an incredibly deep career mode where players get the chance to work their way from rookie status to horse racing legend.

This game also gives you the opportunity to breed your own horses and develop them into a stable of true thoroughbred winners. G1 Jockey Wii 2008 is all about making the most of your initial opportunities and building up your renown within the racing world. The more you and your horses impress the more chances to make it into the big time will be presented to you.

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