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Fyreball/GameVee deal

Games media sharing site hooks up with video community site.

Bellevue, WA, (April 21, 2008), With Fyreball Inc.’s announcement today of a partnership with GameVee, gamers

now have the most efficient way to send and share gaming videos with their friends and fellow gamers. Fyreball,

founded in 2007 by game veterans Pete Parsons (Halo 2 and 3) and Jordan Weisman (FASA and Ilovebees.com),

allows users to quickly combine videos, pictures, games, news and text into a single "Fyreball", which they can send

to their friends and social networks. Fyreball's technology automatically upscales code for videos, games, and other

rich media, allowing the recipients of a Fyreball to view all the content directly within that Fyreball's window. With this

partnership, GameVee, the first video gaming video sharing community site, and Fyreball make sharing the best

gaming content with friends just one simple click.

GameVee allows users to view and share gameplay videos, including how-tos, glitches, impressive moments, and

Machinima, with their friends and provides community to communicate with fellow game players. The site allows

users to use friends lists and track their friends activities, vote on videos, create clans, and highlight a portion of a

video so that community can discuss it. With this partnership, GameVee will feature a ‘Fyre This’ button on their

video viewer page, which enables its users to easily send GameVee Fyreballs to their friends. In addition, Fyreball

users will be able to attach GameVee content to their profile and check out other Fyreball users’ GameVee videos

within their profile.

“It is all about supporting gamers and helping the game community grow simply by giving gamers a better way of

sharing and communicating on rich media game content,” said GameVee CCO Jason Bradicich. “This partnership

enriches our site and community by making it easier to share and comment on our videos – it’s a win for all gamers.”

Using Fyreball, GameVee users can easily add their own rich content to a Fyreball and forward it to their friends

within the GameVee, Fyreball or Facebook communities. As Fyreballs blaze around the globe, bouncing from one

friend to another, a global game of 'pass it on' takes place, allowing users to view where content and ideas originate,

and track that content as it spreads around the world.

“Partnerships like this one with GameVee were exactly what we were envisioning when we thought up the idea of

Fyreball as an easy way for gamers to share content,” said Fyreball CEO Pete Parsons, “Together we can rule the

world…. or at least the part of the world where gamers send each other videos.”

About Fyreball

Fyreball was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. Founded by leading entertainment visionaries,

Pete Parsons, Jordan Weisman, Michael Evans, and Michel Bastien, Fyreball, Inc. offers a bold new communications

tool that lets users seamlessly send, share, track and personalize rich media in a fun and easy way. Fyreball can be

found on the web at www.fyreball.com

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About GameVee

GameVee is the fastest growing game-play video sharing community. Founded in 2007 by 20-year-old Jason

Bradicich, GameVee now leads the industry in web 2.0 and social features, such as Highlight. These empower users

to share, promote, communicate, and network around their game-play videos. Gamers can view glitches, how-tos,

reviews, secrets and more, for today’s leading video games and game platforms.

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