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Funcom reveals record Age of Conan pre-orders

700,000 copies of the game shipped to stores due to strong demand

Funcom has revealed a record breaking number of pre-orders for its upcoming MMO Age of Conan.

Pre-orders of the MMO's collector's edition have been strong enough to cause the title to completely sell out, despite a second print run to keep up with demand, selling in total around 111,000 units.

The demand has been so high that 700,000 copies of the game will be shipped to retailers for day one sales, and Funcom has announced it will be unable to fulfill all pre-orders in some markets due to current server limitations.

"Everyone in Funcom is delighted and humbled with the historical pre-order numbers for Age of Conan," said Morten Larssen, Funcom's VP of Sales & Marketing.

"If the information we have is correct, they represent the highest pre-order number for any global launch of an original PC game, ever, including the original World of Warcraft launch."

More information about the game can be found on our sister site, Eurogamer.net, which is featuring an Age of Conan Week on its MMO channel.

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