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French MMO Dofus reaches 30 million users

Game becomes most played MMO in France; 3.5m players paying monthly sub

Flash-based online MMO Dofus has notched up 30 million registered players, according to its French creators Ankama Games.

The latest figures for the game, revealed by its developers at an Ankama Convention held in Paris over the weekend and reported by Eurogamer, showed that of its 30 million players, 3.5 million pay €5 each month for access to the full game.

They also showed that the game counts, on average, one million players a day, with simultaneous connections peaking at 250,000.

With 60 per cent of the game's players coming from France, Ankama says Dofus is now the country's most popular MMO.

The studio re-released an updated version of the game - Dofus 2.0 - last December, and a new expansion called Frigost is also planned for later this year.

Ankama also plans to localise the game for Russia and Japan at some point during 2010, while Dofus Arena is due to launch on June 21, and a sequel called Wakfu and XBLA action-adventure Islands of Wakfu are also planned.

The developer has also created an animated TV series which is currently in its second season in France and attracts viewers of over one million.


Kath Brice