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Freestyle: Street Basketball

P2P online sports in a "cheerful rather than serious" style.

'Freestyle: street Basketball' is the first P2P-type PC online basketball game in the world. This game emphasizes on 'Freedom' and 'Youth'. Most of the previous basketball games were taking actual NBA players or basketball court for their background theme. However, 'Freestyle: street Basketball', as its name suggests, takes Street as its major concept. Players play matches that are cheerful rather than serious, in friendly places such as backstreet and park. BGM and voice effects are also recorded based on jaunty Hip-Hoop code. Also, the game concentrates on its major concept even more by providing 3D-characters and the backgrounds as cartoon rendering.

Its casual atmosphere does not mean its depth is shallow. 'Freestyle: street Basketball ¢ç' already started service, or has been exported, to 8 countries in the world, and has tens of millions of accumulated users. In the starting stage, users can choose to play tutorials and various learning programs, but they soon get to play with other users as their basketball player and skill grows.

One of the appealing features that 'Freestyle: street Basketball' has is that 3:3, 6 users in total choose their own characters, which enables delicate strategies as the actual team play can. Of course, users can selectively choose to play with AI characters, while considering their play style and environment.

Especially, this global service version allows various users from all over the world to compete, which will stimulate users' desire of winning. Those who want to play can sign up in www.gamekiss.com and enjoy the game for free. For the first-time users, Gamekiss is providing beginners' guide that is available in various languages such as English, German, and Turkish.

To celebrate the global service open of 'Freestyle: street Basketball', Gamekiss currently runs events in the game. When users apply the events by participating in team play and surveys, users can receive cyber points that they can use to buy costumes and items inside the game.

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