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Freestyle: Street Basketball

Major Tournament starts this weekend.

To be distributed on July 30, 2010

2010 Major Tournament of Online Street Basketball Freestyle, provided by global game portal, GameKiss, is to be held starting the first day of August. This Major Tournament is the second tournament hosted by GameKiss following 2010 Rookie Tournament which was held in June.

While the previous Rookie Tournament was mainly aimed to promote friendship amongst beginners and rookie users under level 15, upcoming Major Tournament is designed for the skilled users over level 16 to fully exhibit their skills that they have refined at Freestyle.

In this tournament, major users (Level 16 through 30) and All-star users (Level 31 through 45) will be competed separately considering the gaps in the ability of characters between them. Especially for All-star users, a private channel specifically designed for the Major Tournament is to be implemented for the competition.

“This upcoming tournament has been prepared to provide fairer competition in order to thank the users at the last Rookie Tournament for their tremendous support,” said ‘Joey,’ Main GM of FS. “Especially with private channel for the league, all characters logged into the channel are to have their ability value set at level 42, which assures all users to compete against each other solely based on their skills,” added ‘Joey.”

This Major Tournament is also to be held while separating preliminary rounds and the final round in addition to a separation of sections according to user’s level. By having winners from preliminary rounds to compete against each other at final round, it is expected to find out who the true champion of GameKiss Freestyle is in the end.

Upcoming Major Tournament is featured with far richer rewards comparing to the Rookie Tournament. Those who qualified through preliminary rounds are guaranteed for $60 dollar worth GameKiss cash, and the Champion Team winning the final round will be awarded with $150 dollar worth GameKiss cash along with VIP + package and costume item at their choice. The result of each game will be posted through GameKiss website, and the Champion Team is to have additional bonus of a priority right to participate future tournament and league competition.

For further information of upcoming Major Tournament, deciding a true champion of GameKiss Freestyle, please visit the official website of Freestyle at http://freestyle.gamekiss.com.

About GameKiss.com

Global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JCE on February 2009, starting with MMO game, FreeStyle Street Basketball. It has Valkyrie Sky and GhostX in service. With the vision of ‘Providing FUN never before presented to the world’, it will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers in the world.

GameKiss PR Contact: global@joycity.com


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