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Freestyle: Street Basketball

Challege Roxy event now under way.

- Freestyle Street Basketball Game GM Roxy challenges for power level-up

- GameKiss hosts hot rooky events for 10 days between Nov. 15 - 26

FreeStyle Street Basketball Game GM Roxy sternly announced her rise from being a rookie player.

Roxy who has not gotten out of the rookie channel (for Level 1-15) arranged team matches supporting quick level-ups and gathered teammates. Don’t miss these exciting matches between Roxy and rookie teams at the Level 1-6 channel between Nov. 15 and 19 and at the Level 7-15 channel between Nov. 22 and 26.

Players can experience instant match-ups the moment they enter the rookie channel on the day. With four matches every day, a total of 32 matches will heat up the channel.

“Beginners sometimes can face challenges with unfamiliar game-play. They need to learn from high-level players, but they cannot always lose! Because my level is low, I often lose and get kicked out. Gamers sometimes pity me and give me some useful tips,” said Roxy.

“I wondered how I could understand rookie users better and if there are any ways to adapt to a friendlier method of enabling beginners for an easier access to the game-play. That’s how I came up with this event. High-level users, unfortunately, cannot participate in this event. Only characters below Level 15 can.”

Characters joining this event will be given Christmas items including Santa Claus mittens and Rudolph hair bands.

All matches from <FreeStyle Street Basketball Game - Challenge Roxy> will be available at the GameKiss official YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/GameKissVideos).

Registration, download and playing of FreeStyle Street Basketball is provided worldwide, and can be enjoyed free of charge. More details can be found on the official website: http://freestyle.gamekiss.com.

FreeStyle Street Basketball

An online multiplayer basketball title developed by JCEntertainment. Its first service was commenced in Korea on December, 2005. Being serviced in number of countries since then, it has more than 10 million registered users.


Global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JCE on February 2009. Starting with FreeStyle, it is planning to three new more titles within 2009. With the vision of ‘Providing FUN never before presented to the world’, it will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers.

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