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Freesky Online

Level five castle info.

In Freesky Online ( http://fo.igg.com), players are constantly trying to develop their small villages into grand empires. As their villages grow with a continuous influx of resources won from their exploits abroad, players feel a great sense of achievement. Some reach such heights that others cannot help but take note of their accomplishments. In the official forum, a post called “The First Level 5 Castle” has become a hot topic among the community, generating ongoing discussion.

Why has a post garnered such attention? In Freesky Online the highest attainable level for a castle is 5. With a level 5 castle comes unparalleled status and power. Once the castle reaches level 5, many other important buildings can be further upgraded. After these upgrades, players can obtain greater levels of technology and more advanced armies. The view from such a castle is indeed spectacular to behold, but perhaps the envy of one’s peers reaches an even greater height.

It is no small task to build a level 5 castle. Behind the glory is the seemingly endless hard work and cost that went into it. Requiring 512,000 units of Sandstone, a Population of 2,560, heaps of riches totaling 256,000 Gold, and a Time of 19 days 1 hour 57 minutes and 17 seconds to achieve the goal, the first owner of a level 5 castle deserves all the recognition they may receive. Now that one player has accomplished this feat, more are sure to follow. Will you be one of them?

Please visit Freesky Online forum. http://forum.fo.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=3144&extra=&page=1 to learn more about The First Level 5 Castle .


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