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Freesky Online

Diplomacy details.

In Freesky Online ( http://fo.igg.com) , there are countless empires controlled by players with similar goals, but only a finite amount of resources available. In a perfect world, all nations would maintain good relations with one another to avoid conflict and reap the benefits of cooperation. The same could be said of Freesky Online, but even a virtual world is never perfect. Maintaining advantageous diplomatic relations requires skill and careful planning. Here are some tips to help guide you through the delicate art of diplomacy and war in Freesky Online.


If you are a new player and don’t have the strength to fight your way to success, you may want to remain neutral, at least until you have built a more powerful empire. In this state, the fleet in your castle cannot be attacked, but enemies can occupy your castle and levy certain taxes upon you. If you have the patience and skill to strengthen your army while protected by your neutral status, before long you will find you can strike back and repel occupying forces.


Once you choose an aggressive stance, the flames of war will be lit. Your efforts may be dominated by the cutthroat world of combat, pitting your power against others to seize resources and expand your territory. However, good things never come easy. Your actions may earn you many enemies, so be careful to manage your relations with others and avoid leaving yourself open to attack from multiple fellow aggressors.


Players can also declare their empires as Colonies. By doing so, you agree to Occupation Relations with another player. Your army cannot be attacked by the occupying empire. While there are drawbacks to such an arrangement, it can provide you with a powerful guardian and ally while you work to strengthen your position.

Remember, there are no permanent enemies. Fostering numerous alliances whenever possible can help you in the long term. When the time finally comes to engage in conquest, show no mercy. A cunning ruler knows when to lay low and when to press the attack. Will you?

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