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Free Gaming Business

Special Interest Groups available to special people.

Benelux Game Initiative’s Special Interest Groups focus on uniting members interested in specific areas within the games industry to share knowledge, information, and ideas that can assist in increasing the practical experience and quality of Benelux game developments and serve as a knowledge base for aspiring developers and educational institutions. You can join the SIG’s at the Free Gaming Business event on Saturday June 21!

Serious Games Special Interest Group:

By Dylan Nagel

Over the past few decades, video games have emerged as a powerful form of entertainment with limitless possibilities. “Serious Games”, are applications that inform, educate and train players through game technology and game design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. These video games range from small Flash experiments to complex 3D multi-user virtual worlds that utilize engaging, self-reinforcing context in which to motivate and educate players. Although still in its relative infancy, the Serious Games segment of the video games industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

During the Free Gaming Business event, BGIn’s first SERIOUS GAMES SIG meeting will provide a forum for industry professionals and newcomers alike to meet and network. Attendees will review/ discuss the opportunities and challenges of Serious Gamming on a national and regional level, as well as assist in planning the SIG’s agenda for the short-term future (6 months). Serious Games require their own unique design, development and publishing models, and the Serious Games SIG’s goals are to organize the industry, to collect and share good practices and to inspire all members to push Serious Games forward.

This meeting is intended for all developers, publishers, educators and students with an interest in the subject are invited to attend the meeting.

Education Special Interest Group:

By Jeroen Dobbe

Higher education is playing an ever increasing role in game development. From major universities to specialized training centers, video game education and curriculum is a hot-topic and big business. The first Education SIG meeting at the Free Gaming Business event is aimed at introducing and exploring the Education SIG to (potential) members. Attendees will review/ discuss the reason and goals for the SIG, and speak about the IGDA Curriculum Framework as a basis for regional and national education discussions. Participants will assist in planning the SIG's agenda for the short-term future (6 months) and will have plenty of time to bring up current issues relating to Education, research, and speak about solutions that members and the community would like to see in the future.

This meeting is intended for educators, game developers, and students who are interested in growing and improving the Netherlands/ Benelux game development knowledge basis through partnerships and enhanced curriculum.

Game Audio Special Interest Group:

By Jonathan van den Wijngaarden

As the video games industry continues to advance the professionalization of game audio becomes ever more important. Technical improvements in full digital surround sound and the increased usage of live orchestra and commercial bands to score and engineer game audio continues to evolve the game audio landscape. The Game Audio Special Interest Group (GASIG) seeks to improve, standardize, and broaden the overall awareness and understanding of game developers and public alike to the importance of high-quality game audio.

During the Free Gaming Event in Rotterdam, the GASIG will hold its very first get together enabling industry professionals and newcomers to meet and expand their network. Attendees will review the short and long-term goals of the SIG, as well as participate in discussions behind its current agenda including the formation of an advisory board, legal/ rights issues, and membership benefits. Knowledge sharing is key to this event and a Q&A session will be held to enable members and non-members a platform to express their questions and concerns.

This meeting is intended for all game audio professionals and enthusiasts interested in professionalizing game audio within the industry.

About Free Gaming Business

Free Gaming Business, an event where games means business, is one of Benelux’s largest game business events and is part of the world’s largest Free Gaming Festival located in the city center of Rotterdam.

Free Gaming Business is located next to the outdoor festival at the Willem Burger Complex in the De Doelen congress center. The business event will feature several impressive international and local speakers on this year’s theme “Level-Up”.

Registration to the event is free for all people working with or for the Game Industry, service providers, educational institutions, government and investors. You can register at fgbusiness08.bgin.org/register.php

Showcase your company with a free showcase and meeting table and more! Reserve your free table!

For more information visit:

Free Gaming Business at http://FGBusiness08.BGIn.org/

Benelux Game Initiative at http://www.BGIn.org/

Free Gaming Festival at http://www.Free-Gaming.nl/

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