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Former Yahoo COO named head of Guitar Hero

Dan Rosensweig is to take over operations of Activision's Silicon Valley-based division

Activision has appointed former Yahoo COO, Dan Rosensweig, as CEO and president of the Guitar Hero franchise.

Rosensweig will oversee Guitar Hero's global operations including game development, hardware manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and marketing. Kai Huang, the former president and CEO, will continue on at the company reporting to Rosensweig.

"I am extremely excited for this opportunity to work with the talented Guitar Hero team, which has transformed the interactive entertainment landscape," said Rosensweig.

"With a platform and content that universally engages a wide range of audiences, Guitar Hero has incredible growth potential. I look forward to continuing to develop Guitar Hero into an even more successful enterprise."

Rosensweig served at Yahoo during Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's time on the company's board, and the new head of the Guitar Hero franchise left Yahoo in 2006 to pursue a career with the equity firm, Quadrangle Group.

"I had the great pleasure of working with Dan during his tenure at Yahoo," commented Kotick. "Dan has a rare combination of deep business expertise, entrepreneurial instincts and an incredible passion for music."

"We are looking forward to leveraging his proven online experience to build upon the billions of hours of entertainment we deliver each year in the Guitar Hero network."

Earlier this month, Activision unveiled plans to release five new titles in the Hero franchise over 2009, including Hard Rock Van Halen, Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, and Band Hero.

The Guitar Hero franchise has been a successful mainstay of Activision over the past few years, with its titles regularly topping global sales charts, leading to Kotick postulating its development into a potential rival to iTunes.

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