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Former Mythic boss Jacobs admits last few months were "difficult"

But outgoing GM has respect for his former employer and love for old colleagues

Mythic's Mark Jacobs has admitted the months leading up to his departure were, at best, "difficult".

"To describe these past two months as difficult would be a great understatement as change is almost never easy," he wrote on his blog.

Despite this, Jacobs goes on to express his gratitude and respect for his former team, and states he has nothing bad to say about EA.

"If you are looking or expecting me to damn EA or anyone there, you will be sorely disappointed. During my time at EA I was privileged to get to know a number of very fine professionals and I have some fond memories of working with them. As always EA has my thanks for their interest in acquiring Mythic and in supporting the development of Warhammer.

"What I will really miss are the people. I wish that team nothing but the best of fortune going forward as my respect and love for them runs deep and I hope, is well known by them. I will never forget the effort made by those teammates during both the development of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer."

EA broke the news it would be creating a dedicated RPG/MMO group comprising Mythic and BioWare last week. Jacobs' departure was confirmed at the same time and Mythic employees quickly expressed their shock at his leaving the company he co-founded back in 1990.

Jacobs' confirmed in his blog he'd known of EA's plans for some time before the announcement.

"Early in May, Electronic Arts let me know that they wanted to make some changes within the Games label and as a result of those changes I have been out of the office (and out of touch with the team, game, etc.) since that day," he wrote.

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