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Football SuperStars

Virtual footie world to get a heap of new features over the coming months.

For Distribution on the 20th of March 2009

Football Superstars, the world’s first virtual football world, is currently adding a wide range of extra gaming features to their existing MMO football experience. Having listened to a wide range of gamers and gaming journalists, CyberSports’ Creative Director Steve Marshall, with the help of Monumental Games, is looking to add to and implement a number of new gaming features in the coming months.

Steve Marshall, Creative Director commented “With the help of our hugely supportive and growing community we have moved forward in leaps and bounds, which has not only allowed us to take Football Superstars from the concept I had in 2006 to a virtual reality, but also has allowed our players to have a very real impact on what we have always hoped would be the community’s game as much as our own. Football Superstars has always been viewed as a service to our player base and we continually strive to improve the service in what is a one of a kind product, where players can for the first time play real football with real people internationally, whilst enjoying the trappings of superstardom in a full virtual world.”


Player Managed Club system: Own your own club and manage REAL players

Play 3, 5, 7 or 11 aside football with offside, foul and card system where making space and marking your opponent are critical to team success

New fame system. Are you a Local Hero or a National Star?

Improved Keeper AI, the holes have been filled, can you beat the keeper?

Defender awards have been significantly increased which means strikers will need to be more aware of space and position or stand to lose the ball

Three new clothing designers released, stand out from the crowd in Bownz, Avralan or Devine outfits

Sheffield FC, the worlds first Football Club goes virtual! Visit the hallowed grounds of Sheffield FC and even grab a refreshing orange juice at the Coach and Horses!

11 aside matches opened up in the 3rd division. No more struggling to get into the 2nd division, challenge the best of the FS club world earlier.

In Football Superstars, players re-create themselves online as a footballer and then have free reign in a state of the art interactive virtual world. Players can play their way from 3-a-side up to full 11-a-side matches, gaining new attributes and skills in order to specialise in their chosen playing position. Away from the pitch players can socialise in restaurants, bars and clubs and visit virtual stores where they can buy equipment and clothes. Players can train in gyms and on training pitches to enhance their skills or flirt with the paparazzi in a bid to boost their fame and status and gain access to the most exclusive clubs and venues.

Phil Booker, CyberSports Head of Sales and Marketing, said:

“With nearly 300,000 pre-launch registrations for Football Superstars, these new features are going to give us a massive assist in the great work we are doing in converting that base into active players. We already know from our forums and our search engine activity that the introduction of Player Managed Clubs is the most eagerly anticipated feature we have introduced to date. We are now confident that all of these new developments will help us push on to reach our target of 150,000 active playing accounts by the end of May 09, setting some firm foundations for a great MMO”.

Booker continued “CyberSports are also proud sponsors of Sheffield FC, having struck a club sponsorship deal with SFC in July 2008. SFC is officially recognised by both FiFa and The FA as the world's oldest football club. In 2007 Fifa gave out for the first time 2 Orders of Merit, one of these went to Real Madrid C.F. who are recognised as the world's most successful football club to date and the other going to Sheffield FC.

In the latest version of Football Superstars we are delighted to have taken the first steps towards fully integrating Sheffield FC into our game. Our community can now drink in SFC's own pub The Coach and Horses and walk around the perimeter of their ground, which will be opened for game play in the near future. We love the almost irony of blending the world's oldest football institution with the world's newest form of football...which is of course Football Superstars!”

About CyberSports

Formed in 2006, CyberSports are focused on their goal of dominating the online sports game market by developing and publishing a new generation of MMOG’s; persistent 3D virtual multi-player sports worlds appealing to the widest possible global audience.

CyberSports are the publishers Football Superstars, a revolutionary MMOG which brings together the most realistic football simulation ever and a football-based aspirational persistent world.

Football Superstars will become the destination of choice for those who love playing and watching football.

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