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Flashman Studios Goes Mobile Gaming with Codeglue

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February 7, 2007

San Francisco, CA (February 7, 2007) - Flashman Studios Inc. announces it has signed a representation agreement with Dutch mobile game studio, Codeglue. With this new alliance Codeglue has begun actively developing original intellectual projects available for mobile and XBLA, including the fast paced bazooka blasting arcade game - Jetpack Junkies. This particular game is in development and primed for mobile and Xbox Live Arcade publishers to secure.

"Codeglue is very excited about tapping Flashman's experience and comprehensive industry knowledge to bring our passion for gaming and our unique technical capabilities to the next generation of gaming," said Peter de Jong, President and Creative Director of Codeglue. "We were quite struck by their enthusiasm for and confidence in our ability to grow beyond mobile, and leverage our development and design onto other platforms."

Their services are available with original intellectual properties, licenses that Flashman currently represents, and on an outsource basis for publishers with their own licenses. Codeglue has successfully launched connected mobile games that empower mobile communities with elements like highscores, customizable user profiles, ghost racing, and chats. They are a proven mobile player, and are now emerging as a console group that is Nintendo DS approved.

Brad Young, CEO of Flashman Studios, is eager for the opportunity to collaborate with Codeglue, "Our business model consistently matches up the perfect combination of publisher and developer. Codeglue's successful track record, with such hits as Worms World Party and Love a Lemming, demonstrates to us that they're perfectly positioned for us to take their great game development to the next level." Young added, "With Codeglue we have a full package to present to publishers."

Codeglue www.codeglue.com

The Netherlands team behind Codeglue has been delivering signature games since 2000. Besides working with licensed properties, Codeglue also develops high quality, original home grown games with devotion towards playability, multiplayer interaction, and creating communities. Codeglue offers premium game development with a specialty focus in pick-up-and-play, and addictive arcade games for mobile and handheld devices, and emerging console platforms. Codeglue has a profound knowledge of mobile phone platforms and has vast experience working with many of the leading multiplayer middleware providers. Some examples of Codeglue's work are the high quality conversion of Worms World Party for the Nokia N-Gage, and well-known franchise mobile games like Monkeyball, Lemmings, and Spongebob.

Flashman Studios www.flashmanstudios.com

Flashman Studios is a unique, full-service business management firm representing developers, intellectual property and game-services companies to the interactive entertainment industry, with a primary focus on video games. Flashman works with clients on corporate strategy, marketing, branding, business development, negotiation, investment, and mergers and acquisitions. With offices in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC, Flashman works with many of the interactive industry's most innovative and exciting companies to create long-term value in their business. Flashman Studio's leadership and specialized knowledge has delivered some of today's most exciting gaming experiences. Flashman has been instrumental in constructing projects for their clients, that include: Cars Mobile (Disney/Pixar); Flipper Critters (Ignition); Happy Feet Mobile (Warner Brothers); WizKids Pirates (SOE-Denver); Mushroom Men (publisher unannounced); Happy Tree Friends (publisher unannounced); War World (publisher unannounced).

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