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Flagship Studios closes doors

Hellgate: London developer closes both offices, according to reports

Flagship Studios has closed its doors, with all staff let go from the Hellgate: London developer, according to a report by Voodoo Extreme.

The developer confirmed on Friday that a significant number of staff have been let go at its San Francisco and Seattle offices.

As well as the members of the Hellgate team, staff on Flagship's digital distribution and support service, Ping0, have also been made redundant, reports Gamasutra.

Last month an employee of Flagship, Guy Somberg, wrote in his blog that staff were leaving "in droves" following slow sales of Hellgate and negative consumer feedback which had affected company morale.

However, Flagship's David Brevik denied this, stating the company had a turnover of less than 10 per cent, and that "both our studios are currently fully staffed."

As well as developing ongoing content for Hellgate, the developer was also working on the free-to-play MMO Mythos.

GamesIndustry.biz has contacted Flagship Studios for clarification.

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