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First Teaser Video For Flatout Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360)

HELSINKI, FINLAND, May 4th 2007 - The first teaser video for the eagerly anticipated action racer FlatOut Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360) was released today together with a 3D screenshot showcasing the game's amazing level of vehicular destruction.

Jussi Laakkonen, business development director for Bugbear Entertainment commented on the creation of the teaser video:

"The working title for the FlatOut Ultimate Carnage teaser was 'smashing expectations'. Street racing games are all about pimping your ride with spoilers, fat rims and whatevers. FlatOut on the other hand is all about action. So when FlatOut does street racing, we do it with the sole purpose of wrecking those pimped up rides to unrecognizable lumps of charred metal."

"The 'expectations' part of the teaser is where the camera obsesses about the red lead car. This part is inspired by all those street racing trailers that seem inescapable. The car looks lovingly crafted, beautiful, fast and straight out of a street racing show."

"The 'smashing' part is what makes FlatOut what it is. An all out destruction racer. The viewer is treated to a pile-up of epic proportions to show why FlatOut earns the Ultimate Carnage subtitle with its Xbox 360 premier. "

"All footage is captured live from the game, as we wanted to show the real thing. It took us a lot of tries to get everything just right as we wanted the action to be directly taking place in the game. Everything you see is what you can experience first hand when you play FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, which is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 this June."

Downloads of the video, the 3D screenshot and a pack of 21 new screenshots are available from

About Bugbear Entertainment:

Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. is an award-winning Finnish game developer focusing on action driving games with over 2,7 million units sold to date. The company's worldwide blockbuster hits are the highly innovative 'FlatOut' and 'FlatOut 2' on Playstation 2, Xbox and PC CD with over 1,5 million units sold worldwide. Bugbear's international breakthrough was the critically acclaimed PC title 'Rally Trophy' in 2001, which was followed with 'Tough Trucks' on PC in 2003. An N-Gage exclusive story-driven arcade racer 'Glimmerati' was published in July 2005 to rave reviews. Bugbear is currently working on 'FlatOut Ultimate Carnage' for Xbox 360 as well as other unannounced projects. For more information please visit www.bugbeargames.com


Jussi Laakkonen

Business development director, Bugbear Entertainment Ltd.



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