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First £9.99 DS Product To Hit Shelves

13th March 2008

Sheffield, England - March 13th, 2008 - Video games publisher Lexicon Entertainment are pleased to announce that 'FIZZ' has been approved by Nintendo of Europe with a release date set for April 25th 2008 and set with the amazing RRP of just £9.99.

'FIZZ' is an inventive puzzle challenge that will have gamers on the edge of their seat, is exceedingly simple to understand but infuriatingly challenging to master!

The central and principal game board is composed of twenty-five points each with four antennae. Each antenna can contain four colours. The goal is to create energy flow by aligning colours. When a loop is created, points are deducted and other points come onto the board.

The theme of the game is outer space and the player can select one of ten boards that make up the full experience. Each board has a link with an element from our solar system (décor and music linked with a planet).

The principal element of the game is energy and by combining the correct colours, energy fluxes are formed. The bigger the energy loops, the more points the player receives. This basic and overriding game principle is supplemented with bonuses and setbacks. Bonuses are special antennae that help the player whilst the setbacks take the form of broken antennae or exterior elements such as asteroids, meteorite showers, etc. which hinder the players' progression by destructing nodes (Meteorites, Aliens), changing colours (Magnetic storm, Pulsar) or forbidding the node to be moved (Magnetic Spheres).


Single-player modes

Standard level mode

Infinite same-level mode

Time Attack mode

Arcade mode

Multiplayer game modes

Vs. mode with infinite time

Vs. mode with limited time

Co-op mode

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About Lexicon Entertainment:

Lexicon Entertainment UK Limited is a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for video game console systems and personal computers. The company was founded in 2006 and has published over 25 products globally with a target for 20 for 2007/8. Lexicon Entertainment is currently developing on Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Playstation3 and PC.


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