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First Class Simulations release Glider Simulator

Product: Glider Simulator

Developer: First Class Simulations

Genre: Gliding Flight Simulator (Standalone)

Format: PC CD

Release 3rd November 2006

SRP: £19.99

Territory: UK & Scandinavia

Barcode: 5060020472688

Oxfordshire, October 24th 2006

First Class Simulations brings the thrill of piloting your own glider to your home PC. An inexpensive way to get airborne or an engineless white-knuckle ride, however you view it, Glider Simulator is as real as it gets.

Simulating perfectly the two main soaring techniques that enable gliders to gain altitude, thermalling and ridge lift, the Glider Simulator code was originally designed to help train Sailplane enthusiasts.

Features include:

Responsive and co-ordinated use of the rudder and wings slips in flight for use when approaching the runway

Carefully selected textures allowing the player to enjoy the environment of his or her chosen scenery

Varied Play Options: Fly with a club carefully observing their rules or compete against your colleagues in a championship contest

Educational: Glider Simulator has been formulated using the laws of physics and flight. A careful study of the glider performance capabilities, its polar and how to obtain the best use of it will improve and enhance the player's real-life gliding experience

Glider Simulator faithfully recreates real gliding aerodynamics: Stalls, slips, control feedback, force joystick and the sound of air cascading over the cockpit have all been faithfully reproduced. Using the Weather Model option with two cloud layers, cumulus and stratus, atmospheric movement of highs and lows are simulated perfectly.

Other features include:

A terrain engine which features LOD technology

On-line Play: This option has no limit to the number of players

Webcam: Your webcam can be used for panning in internal view

Glider Simulator will be available November 3rd.

System Requirements:

DirectX version 8.0 or higher must be loaded. Minimum: Windows 98 or higher, 128 Meg of RAM but with a good (GeForce 4) graphics card. Recommended: Pentium III or higher, 256 Meg or more of RAM in addition to a good graphics card.

First Class Simulations

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Fax: 0870 132 1026

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About First Class Simulations

First Class Simulations is a dedicated developer and publisher of add-ons for Microsoft Flight and Train Simulator. The company also sources products from professional developers around the world including Abacus, Addictive and Wilco. The company's best selling products include Airbus A380, Carrier Operations and VC10. The company is a division of Contact Sales Limited which acts as a distributor for both First Class Simulations, Aerosoft and CH Products. www.firstclass-simulations.com

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