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First Class Simulations Release Air Taxi

Product: Air Taxi

Developer: Abacus Publishing

Genre: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Add-on

Format: PC CD

Release: March 3rd 2006

Territory: UK, Germany & Scandinavia

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5060020472138

Like holidays in space, a cure for AIDS and trains that actually run on time, air taxis are the way of the future. With an air taxi there's no more hanging around airport check-in desk queues waiting with everyone else travelling on a scheduled passenger jet (or worse still, charter!).

No, as an air taxi passenger you'll be bypassing the crowded departure lounges, mincing straight through to the VIP Duty Free shop and then flying directly onto your destination. Even better, you won't have to witness scummy airline staff in orange blouses (and that's just the men) talking to passengers like they're just one very small step up from bacteria. Have you seen Airline on BBC1? It's an outrage! And like departing in an air taxi, arriving has its benefits too. The main one being that you'll be ushered through immigration and passport control within minutes of touching down and be speeding out of the airport before you know it. Savvy business travellers are turning to the emerging air taxi services industry in their droves these days and now Air Taxi from First Class Simulations gives you the opportunity to run an Air Taxi business yourself. But don't get carried away. It's not all free champagne, canapés before takeoff and your seat belt clicked into place for you!

In Air Taxi you'll operate up to eight different air taxi companies with each firm owning between two and three aircraft. Air Taxi offers you the management of accepting reservations and even piloting the air taxi too. You'll also get to choose the quantity of passengers and to which of twenty regional airports you'll fly to. When you've configured all of this, you get to set your ticket prices. Too high and you'll lose your customers. Too low and you'll make no profit.

Air Taxi includes five new planes too which are the:

  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Safire Jet
  • Cirrus SR-22
  • Maverick Leader Jet
  • Diamond DA-42 Twin Star

As if that wasn't enough, each aircraft will have a custom Primary Flight Display which represents the next generation of aviation equipment. The PFD is a single CRT screen which replaces the many analogue gauges used in older aircraft. It's all too much!

Air Taxi will be available from 3rd March 2006.

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About First Class Simulations

First Class Simulations is a dedicated publisher of add-ons for Microsoft Flight and Train simulation products. The company is a division of Contact Sales Limited.

About Abacus

Abacus is a publisher of quality software and computer books. The company has been developing and publishing software for the home consumer since 1978 making it one of the pioneers in the personal computer industry. The company is one of the world's leading developers of train and flight simulation add-ons. For more information, please go to: http://www.abacuspub.com


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