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Field of Glory

Turn-based strategy game becomes available online.

Epsom, 19th November 2009.

Slitherine is proud to announce the online release of Field of Glory Digital. The PC turn-based strategy game is the official digital product of the award winning tabletop gaming system. Now translated into all major European languages, the wargames rules have appeared on the shelves of bookstores across the world. To date sales of the series have exceeded 200.000 copies and comprise of the full Wargames rule set plus 10 additional Companion Books, with the final Companion now in production to complete this popular series.

Fans worldwide have praised the quality and realism of this production which is created by Wargames specialists Slitherine and distributed by military history book publishers Osprey Publishing. Over 80,000 posts on the FOG forums and an ever growing community of fans have built on the success of the original system and now Forum members are contributing towards FOG’s expansion into the Renaissance and Napoleonic eras.

The Field of Glory brand has become so popular within the wargaming community, that the brand is now supporting a range of wargaming products such as specially designed FOG terrain from manufacturers Miniature Worldmaker.

Slitherine is now launching the digital version to allow fans to play single player battles against the AI or multiplayer battles across the internet. The innovative multiplayer system created specifically for this product has been designed to be an evolution of the play by e-mail (PBEM) system. Player will find there is no need to download files or any other complicated process to view your opponent’s turns. The game also handles multiple matches in real time without any interaction from the player. No more searching through lobbies for an opponent – your challenges can be issued and then accepted when you are offline, and your opponent can play his turn while you sleep and it’s all there ready for you in the morning.

Jointly developed with UK specialist Hexwar, the games is set during the Rise of Rome, from Zama in North Africa to the battles of Boudicca’s revolt in Britain.

The game's main features include:

Game play that allows key decisions to decide the results of historical battles. Detailed and accurate depiction of ancient warfare (combat mechanics, leaders, morale). Single and 2 player head to head modes, together with an internet based multi-player system. 18 battles of varying size. Play as the Achaean League, Carthage, Caledonians, Gaul, Germanic Tribes, Macedonians, Spartacus Slave Revolt, Romans or even Romans vs. Romans at Pharsalus. Comprehensive scenario builder is included. There are graphics for 11 different terrain types with western European and arid settings. 141 different battle group types within the system, and also allowing almost limitless ability to modify their individual behavior in the game.

Later releases will include additional battle packs and an army designer where players will be able to choose their favorite armies and match their skills against opponents of their choice, on an infinite selection of battle fields.

[About Slitherine] - Slitherine is a privately funded and independent UK developer and publisher. Slitherine is dedicated to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the mass market with a specific dedication to history of all ages. Slitherine Software is uniquely placed to deliver due to its experience within the industry and also the wider gaming community.

[About HexWar.com] - HexWar.com is owned by HexWar Ltd. and was formed in 2002. On 10th April 2004 they launched HexWar.com. Until now this has primarily been a subscription based gaming service aimed at the 'fanatic’ board wargamer. Forty-one computer games have been developed and released by HexWar Ltd.They are Pc and Apple Mac versions of successful board war games. Field of Glory is the first game to be developed by HexWar outside of its subscription service. Based in Fortrose, just North of Inverness, HexWar is comprised of a small team of four and a small army of part time and volunteer helpers. Inspiration for HexWar also comes from the fact that the HexWar office overlooks Fort George and the edge of the Culloden battlefield.

[About The Kameleon Project] - The Kameleon Project is the brainchild of Slitherine Software, itself an independently funded developer. It has been created to assist other independent developers to bring their games to market. Slitherine supplies marketing and PR support, external production (music, sound effects, box art etc), game design, technical support, pro-forma documentation, sales and negotiating expertise and in fact anything needed to progress the development of the projects, allowing the development team to concentrate on what they do well, make great games. The first release from the Kameleon Project is ‘Commanders – Europe at War’ from Firepower Entertainment and DoubleThink Studios.

For Press Enquiry, please contact: press@slitherine.co.uk

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